Monday, March 31, 2014

Former NBA star Tim Hardaway Shares How He Started the Tim Hardaway Foundation on Beach Lifestyle Media a Division of Simply G Media Network

    Beach Lifestyle Media Group today announced the release of a recent interview on December 27th with five-time NBA All-Star Tim Hardaway on the Total Education Celebrity Show with host Neil Haley, the Total Tutor.

    Neil Haley, The Total Tutor host of the Total Education Celebrity Show, interviewed former NBA All-Star Tim Hardaway. Hardaway talked his Tim Hardaway Foundation, why he started, his goals for the foundation and why he got involved.
    In the interview, Hardaway explained that he wants all children to have the right mentors just like he had growing up.
    “A lot people gave back to me,” Hardaway said. “Hard work pays off. I have the right people around me and I have the team to make sure the foundation is a success.”
    The mission of the foundation is “Helping our Youth Crossover to a Better Life,” which is a play off his crossover-dribble style of basketball. The foundation sponsors after school programs that teach the children how to workout and eat right. The program focuses on 12 to 15 kids at a time that attend a 6-week program. The students have shown progress in school, according to Hardaway, and are not getting into trouble as they once were.
    Hardaway, a 14-year NBA veteran of the NBA and 2012 NBA Hall of Fame Nominee, is also a loving husband and father. He is a Chicago native best known for his invention of the “crossover” dribble. He was drafted by the Golden State Warriors in 1989 and played for them until 1996, when he was then traded to the Miami Heat. Because of his success in Miami, the Heat retired his jersey #10 in 2009.
    GJ Reynolds, CEO of Beachlifestyle Media Group said, “Tim sees the importance of feeding children in need. That is my passion too. I want all children to receive the proper nutrition.”
    You can find more about Tim Hardaway’s Foundation byclicking here. You can listen to the interview by clickinglisten here.

    Sunday, March 30, 2014

    Former Kansas City Royal Willie Mays Aikens Discusses His Memoir “Safe At Home” Recently on The Total Education Celebrity, a Division of The Simply G Media Network

      Beachlifestyle Media Group today announced the release of a recent interview on December 14th with former Kansas City Royal Willie Mays Aikens, discussing his memoir, Safe At Home. Aikens explained how his addiction to drugs and alcohol hurt his baseball career and landed him a 20-year prison sentence to Total Tutor host Neil Haley and co-host GJ Reynolds.

      The Total Education Celebrity Show and Simply G Media Network today announced the release of a recent interview with former Kansas City Royal Willie Mays Aikens, discussing his memoir, Safe At Home. Aikens explained how his addition to drugs and alcohol hurt his baseball career and landed him a 20-year prison sentence to Total Tutor host Neil Haley and co-host GJ Reynolds.
      “I remember how good a hitter Willie was,” Reynolds said. “He was a star especially in 1980.”
      Considered one of the best sluggers in baseball when he played for the Royals, Aikens played from 1977 to 1985. In 1981, Aikens lead the Royals in Home Runs and RBIs. His career was tragically cut short because of his drug problem.
      In the interview, Aikens discussed how he was introduced to cocaine.
      “One guy from Kansas City invited me over to snort coke and party,” Aikens said. “One thing lead to another and in 1983 I was convicted.”
      Aikens admitted why he felt doing coke was okay at the time. “I knew somebody on each team getting high. They would turn me on to coke when I was on the road and I would do the same in KC. Steroids were considered okay in 90s and 2000s like cocaine was acceptable in MLB [in the 80s],” Aikens said.
      “I enjoyed that time in baseball and never knew the dark secrets of that time,” host Haley said.
      Aikens described his life after baseball and how he was arrested for dealing drugs, how he was sentenced to prison for 20 years and how he rehabilitated himself in prison. According to Aikens, he has been clean and sober ever since.
      “Willie’s story is so sad, how a great player throws away his career because of drugs,” Reynolds said.
      Other topics discussed in the interview were Aikens’ favorite moment playing in MLB, the rest of his career, how drugs kept getting in his way, becoming a bench player with the Toronto Blue Jays, getting released and eventually leaving MLB to play in Mexico.
      In 2011, Aikens was given a second chance and was hired by the Kansas City Royals to coach a minor league farm team.
      “You might only have one second chance, Willie was able to make the most of it,” Reynolds said.

      Saturday, March 29, 2014

      UK VI Model Winner Darren Noad Shares How He Accepted the Challenge and Transformed His Body on The BeachLifestyle Show on the Simply G Media Network

      Simply G Media Network announces the release of the interview with UK VI Model Winner Darren Noad, on the BeachLifetyle Radio Show with entrepreneurs and hosts GJ Reynolds and Neil Haley.

      GJ Reynolds, host of Beachlifestyle Radio Show with co-host Neil Haley, The Total Tutor, interviewed UK VI Model Winner Darren Noad to find out why he decided to join and participate in the 90-Day Health Challenge.
      Noad, a National Director of Visalus, won the UK VI Model Competition and is the 2014 UK VI Model. He will be on the cover of the VI Life Magazine in January.
      In this interview, Noad discusses how he joined the 90-Day Health Challenge and why he decided to change his life. He also explains why he went public with his goal.
      “I was looking to get back in shape and I found out about Visalus,” Noad said. “I love the products. Then the first thing I did is went on Facebook and set my challenge goal. Everybody pushed the votes for me and they cared for me. They sent me a message to push me on.”
      During the interview, Noad also talks about how going to Visalus events helped him stay on the challenge, how he was able to promote himself by using the community to reach his goal, his setbacks and more.
      “There were times some days I had my ups and downs, and I was stressing myself,” Noad said. “But my friends and my family supported me. The community and the positive messages, that is what gives me that drive to move on.”
      According to Noad, his success was his motivation to help others and help eliminate obesity.
      “Darren decided to get off the sofa and change his life.” Reynolds said. “That’s inspiring to me and is hopefully inspiring to others as well.”
      You can find out more information on Darren Noad byclicking here. You can listen to the live interview by clicking listen here.

      Friday, March 28, 2014

      Two-Time Pro Bowler Dashon Goldson Shares How He Gives Back On The Simply G Media Network

      Entrepreneur GJ Reynolds and The Total Tutor Neil Haley recently interviewed 2-Time NFL Pro-Bowl Safety Dashon Goldson about his football career and his charitable foundation on the Beachlifestyle Show on The Simply G Media Network.

      Entrepreneur GJ Reynolds and The Total Tutor Neil Haley recently interviewed 2-Time NFL Pro-Bowl Safety Dashon Goldson about his football career and his charitable foundation on the Beachlifestyle Show on The Simply G Media Network.
      On the field, Goldson, a hard-hitting safety for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, wants wide receivers to feel fear when they roam across the middle. It’s why he was a two-time Pro Bowler in six seasons with the San Francisco 49ers. It’s also why he became one of the NFL’s highest paid defensive backs this past offseason, signing a lucrative five-year deal with the Buccaneers worth $41.25 million.
      “I was impressed with Dashon’s commitment to help others,” said Haley. ”He was in the midst of his season and took the time to discuss his foundation and how he wants to give back to the community. He described how great it feels to give children presents who wouldn’t normally have any presents under the tree.”
      Opinions vary about the persona Goldson has carved as an on-field intimidator. Though the hits that have drawn fines have appeared legal, some opposing players on the receiving end have expressed displeasure while teammates and even rivals (like New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady) rave about his penchant for old school football. Those who know Goldson off the field tell of a gentle soul who wears dreadlocks and is fashion-conscious as well as passionate about helping at-risk children.
      In addition, Goldson shared his experiences growing up in Los Angeles. He talked about his football coach from Pop Warner who helped him not only on the field but also in life outside of football. Goldson is still mentored by his coach Bobby Hosea.
      “Dashon made the right decision in his life by listening to his mentor,” said Reynolds. “He helped Dashon become a great football player and also formed Dashon to be a leader which he is able to do on the football field and with his foundation.”
      Aside from helping at-risk children, Dashon’s foundation, which is called the Highest Point Foundation also helps individuals who have been incarcerated. He believes they need a second chance on life. “He has this passion to help others who need a second chance,” Reynolds said. “I try to do this for veterans with Mission G. I hope to help Dashon with his foundation.”

      Thursday, March 27, 2014

      Release the Negative to Accentuate the Positive by Napoleon Hill

      Here is one of the stories Carnegie told about his master mind alliance. It shows the vital importance of the element of harmony, which has previously been pointed out in our consideration of the major points of the master mind principle.
      Mr. Carnegie decided he wanted the best trained man he could find for his chief chemist, so he sent a scout to comb the world to find him. The scout finally found the one he thought would be satisfactory. He was in the great Krupp Steel Works in Germany. Carnegie entered into a contract with him on a five year basis, but before the end of the first year he had to release him. The reason? He was temperamental; he could not work in harmony with the rest of the master mind alliance. He kept the other members of the alliance in an upheaval all the time. Mr. Carnegie soon realized that it would be fatal to keep such a man on his payroll, so he paid him and sent him back home.
      Mr. Carnegie said that one man with a negative mental attitude turned loose in a factory of a thousand people could discolor the minds of the rest of them without saying a word. That statement, from so astute a judge of human character as Andrew Carnegie, is worthy of our examination. Think about it!
      Source: PMA Science of Success Course. The Napoleon Hill Foundation. 1961. Pgs. 60.

      Tuesday, March 25, 2014

      Entrepreneur and Hollywood Legend share tips to stay Healthy

      Talk show host Neil Haley, The Total Tutor, recently interviewed entrepreneur GJ Reynolds and celebrity legend George Hamilton, on the Beachlifestyle Radio Show. They discussed ways that they are still in the best shape of their life.

      Talk show host Neil Haley, The Total Tutor recently interviewed entrepreneur GJ Reynolds and celebrity legend George Hamilton on the Beachlifestyle Radio Show. They discussed ways that they are still in the best shape of their life.
      Neil Haley, The Total Tutor said,” I was so inspired listening to the two of them talk about the importance of staying healthy and feeling great. GJ and George are poster children for people in their 50′s through their 70′s.”
      George Hamilton at the age of 74 was able to share ways that he stays in shape. Everyday, he works out first thing in the morning doing Canadian Calisthenics. George is big advocate for eating healthy especially organic foods. He believes exercising and eating healthy helps you stay young and have the energy to conquer the world.
      GJ Reynolds 52, believes what you put in your body is half the battle. By doing this, G is able to have energy during the day to conquer anything. In addition to eating healthy, GJ has worked out for 770 days straight. GJ is in the best shape of his life, and is in as good of shape as when he was in the military.
      For more information contact Neil Haley, director of Public Relations, via email nhaley(at)totaltutor(dot)org.

      Monday, March 24, 2014

      BeachLifestyle Radio Show Interviews Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki

      BeachLifestyle Radio Show, hosts GJ Reynolds, & Neil Haley interviewed the #1 Personal Finance Author of all time. Welcome Mr. Robert Kiyosaki to the show!

      BeachLifestyle Radio Show, hosts GJ Reynolds, & Neil Haley interviewed the #1 Personal Finance Author of all time. Welcome Mr. Robert Kiyosaki to the show!
      Robert Kiyosaki, author of the #1 personal finance book of all time, “Rich Dad Poor Dad,”, just completed his new book, “Why ‘A’ Students Work for ‘C’ Students.”
      Since financial education is not taught in schools, the book covers ways that parents can make their homes fun and active learning environments.
      “91% of parents say they are committed to instilling lessons of financial responsibility upon their children, but only 20% of teachers feel comfortable teaching it.”
      Neil Haley The Total Tutor, states, “It is imperative to teach our children how to handle and manage their finances. By doing so, this provides a more economical and stable economy, when our children are responsible.”
      Entrepreneur GJ Reynolds said, “It has been my experience as a 22 year entrepreneur, most successful entrepreneurs were many times ‘C’ students. Just because one has good grades in school, seldom means they will be a successful entrepreneur, as Robert points out in his book.”
      Kiyosaki expands on his belief that the school system was created to churn out ‘Es’ / Employees… those “A Students” who read well, memorize well and test well… and not the creative thinkers, visionaries and dreamers –entrepreneurs-in-the-making… those “C Students who grow up to be the innovators and creators of new ideas, businesses, applications and products.
      I love to interview great entrepreneurs and Robert is a great person to learn from and he tells it like it is. Go purchase his book and it is a good read!” says GJ Reynolds
      Beachlifestyle Radio Network teaches how to live a beach lifestyle. It is all about how to live the beach lifestyle and elevate your Life, health and Prosperity. Are you ready to live BeachLifestyle?
      About our hosts: Neil Haley is the founder and CEO of Total Tutor and The Total Education Network. Neil is a passionate entrepreneur, teacher, tudor and media mogul. He is focused upon teaching others how to reclaim their personal power and to live an empowering life. Neil a former pro wrestler, turned educator and media personality. He simply loves life.
      GJ Reynolds is the co-founder and CEO of Beachlifestyle and SimplyG. G is a Playful & Powerful Warrior #Entrepreneur, Author, #LifeTransformer & #Rebel. He loves to #Challenge others to have fun reclaiming their Life,Health & Prosperity. G is driven to assist others to reach their full potential and having their magnificence to shine. He loves to teach and work with like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals who choose to reclaim their personal power and transform their life, health and prosperity. He teaches others how to reclaim their Life, Health and Prosperity, and to live as Playful and Powerful Warriors. He lives a life of purpose, on purpose and for purpose.

      Friday, March 21, 2014

      NFL All-Star Quarterback Randall Cunningham Discusses His Latest Book Recently on the Total Education Celebrity Show, a Division of the Simply G Media Network

      The Total Tutor Show and Simply G Media Network today announced the release of a recent interview with former NFL star Randall Cunningham. In the interview, conducted by co-hosts entrepreneurs Neil Haley and GJ Reynolds, Cunningham discussed his new book and his life’s work.

      The show, part of the Simply G Media Network, is syndicated on over 100 stations nationwide.

      The Total Tutor Show and Simply G Media Network today announced the release of a recent interview with former NFL star Randall Cunningham. In the interview, conducted by co-hosts entrepreneurs Neil Haley and GJ Reynolds, Cunningham discussed his new book and his life’s work.

      “I was so happy to hear Randall share his faith,” said Haley. “He has such an interesting faith conversion story.”

      Cunningham, who was drafted in the second round of the 1985 NFL draft by the Philadelphia Eagles (37th overall), played quarterback for Philadelphia (1985-95) and Minnesota Vikings (1997-2001). In 1996, he worked on the TNT Network and started his own business.
      In the interview, Cunningham revealed pieces of his new book titled Lay It Down: How Letting Go Brings Out Your Best. He shared memories his life during his prolific football career and details of his life as a pastor and mentor. Cunningham, who tragically lost his son in a 2010 hot tub accident, told Haley and Reynolds that he wants people to know that God will keep you going during good times and bad times.
      “I couldn’t imagine how difficult it would be to lose one of my children,” said Haley. “Randall was able to keep his spirits up even in difficulty through his faith.”

      Cunningham discussed his faith conversion. The late great NFL legend Reggie White called Cunningham out and was able to help his find his Christian path. White inspired Cunningham to turn his life around and grow very strong in his faith.

      During his talk with Haley and Reynolds, Cunningham explained that he grew so much in his faith he decided to be a pastor. He currently is a pastor in Las Vegas. According to Cunningham, becoming a pastor was part of God’s plan for him.

      “I was so happy to hear Randall share his faith. He has such an interesting faith conversion story,” said Haley. “During our interview, I was able to share how I was suicidal and depressed at one time and I needed to find a purpose in my life. Randall has the same plan for his life and now he lives a life of purpose.”
      You can purchase Randall Cunningham’s book at, and you can listen this to the interview by clicking here:

      Thursday, March 20, 2014

      Extreme Makeover Home Edition Star John Littlefield Discussed His Experiences on The Show on The Total Education Celebrity Show, a Division of The Simply G Media Network

      Neil Haley, The Total Tutor host of the Total Education Celebrity Show, interviewed John Littlefield to find out about his experiences on the ABC show Extreme Homemaker: Home Edition, as well as discuss his latest projects.

      Noted actor and handyman Littlefield studied theater at Temple University before earning roles off-Broadway plays, regional theater and television. He appeared in The Hulk, Slipstream, Fracture and Beowulf. He continued doing handiwork in his downtime, which eventually led to a gig hosting Dude Room on the Discover Channel. He also worked with Habitat for Humanity for CMTs Home Blitz before landing his most recognizable role as a handyman and carpenter on the hit series, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
      I paid my way through college by swinging a hammer, Littlefield said, explaining how he worked to cover his tuition. Building sets, building houses. My dad taught me to do these things.
      In the interview, Littlefield explained that he was working as an actor in New York and an agent convinced him to go to LA, but he found it to be even more competitive for jobs than he expected.
      To make money, Littlefield said, he painted houses. During the process, he painted the house of one producers of Discovery Channel. The producer thought he would be wonderful host. Two months later, he started hosting for the Discovery Channel.
      Always be ready for your big break. You never know when your time has come, host Haley said.
      Littlefield also discusses being traded to Extreme Makeover: Home Editionwhich he has hosted for 7 seasonsas well as getting opportunities to act and do commercials. He also talks about how, during his time as a celebrity, he continues to paint houses.
      John Littlefield is a down to earth celebrity, Haley said.
      GJ Reynolds CEO of Simply G Media said, John has a great work ethic. He did not complain because he was doing a job that was not acting. He did his very best, and it paid off.
      You can find out more information on John by clicking here. You can listen to the radio interview by clicking listen here.

      Wednesday, March 19, 2014

      Man’s Greatest Mastermind Alliance by Napoleon Hill

      Perhaps the greatest alliance any man can ever make is with his wife. If you have complete singleness of purpose with the woman you marry, there is nothing in which you cannot succeed. If you lack this harmony in your home, you might as well face the fact that you have a few strikes against you. And this works both ways. Ladies, you must have the harmony and cooperation of your husband, to lighten the burden of your work in life. It must be a two-way arrangement.
      Our first advice is to the young man not yet married, since a man usually does the proposing. You should have a series of very frank discussions with your prospective partner, covering the fundamentals of marriage. Explain how you intend to make a living and be sure she approves of your chosen occupation or profession and your methods of following it. After the honeymoon is over, you will face the reality of the practical side of marriage. The sensible approach, then, is to consider these realities beforehand.
      Man’s greatest master mind alliance is that with the woman he loves and that is why it is so essential to nourish that love by keeping the spark of romance alive. The thrill of romance takes drudgery from toil. It raises the thoughts of the humblest worker to the status of genius. It drives away discouragement and replaces it with definiteness of purpose. It transforms poverty into a mighty stimulus and irresistible power for achievement. It is the very essence of enthusiasm and it fires the imagination and forces it to creative action.
      Source: PMA Science of Success Course. The Napoleon Hill Foundation. 1961. Pgs. 67, 68, & 69.

      Tuesday, March 18, 2014

      The Screen of Your Mind by Napoleon Hill

      Here is a story which we would like to pass on to you. A man was driving from Los Angeles to Palm Springs, rolling along just fine – until his car stopped dead. He tried the starter repeatedly, but not a cylinder would fire. Being a businessman and no mechanic, he didn’t know the first thing about the mechanics of his car. But he got out, lifted the hood and looked in rapt amazement at the confusing array of gadgets which greeted his eyes. Angered by his own mechanical ignorance, he slammed down the hood, locked the car and started down the highway to find a garage.
      For nearly three miles he trudged along in the hot desert sun and arrived at a garage in a good sweat. The mechanic drove him back to his stalled car. Now when the mechanic lifted the hood, he knew what to look for, and he loosened a nut on the side of the carburetor, took out a tiny screen, held it up to the sunlight and, after a glance, blew on it quickly. He shook it a few times and put it back in. The engine immediately responded to the starter. All that was wrong with the engine, the mechanic explained, was that the flow of its gasoline had been temporarily shut off by the dust which had collected on the little screen. Being somewhat of a philosopher, the mechanic made the observation that men are like that: sometimes their mental screens become clogged and they fail to accept the bounteous blessings with which a generous Providence has surrounded them.
      Source: PMA Science of Success Course. The Napoleon Hill Foundation. 1961. Pgs. 81.

      Sunday, March 16, 2014

      Rise to the Top by Napoleon Hill

      Andrew Carnegie had a story about this principle of going the extra mile which he often liked to tell. “Several years ago,” he would say, “a policeman noticed a light burning at a late hour in a small machine shop on his beat in which he knew that no night work was being done. Becoming suspicious, he telephones the owner of the shop who came down immediately, unlocked the door and cautiously crept inside with the policeman.
      When they reached the small room where the light appeared, the owner of the shop looked in and, to his amazement, found one of his employees at work at a machine. The young man quickly explained that he had been in the habit of coming to the shop at night to learn how to operate the machine and thereby make himself more useful to the employer.
      The newspapers carried the story, and I happened to read it. The newspaper article made it appear that it was all a big joke on the employee. But it turned out to be a big joke on the employer. For I contracted this young man and employed him at double the wages he had been getting in this small machine shop. Today he is head of one of our most important plant operations at a salary four times what he was getting at the machine shop, and if he keeps on as he is going and continues to exhibit the same wonderful mental attitude, he will some day have our top plant job – provided he doesn’t first go into business for himself.
      There is no way to hold down people who spend their spare time preparing to render greater and better service for others. These persons go right to the top of their profession or calling as naturally as a cork rises to the top of water.”
      Source: PMA Science of Success. The Napoleon Hill Foundation. 1961. Pgs. 139-140.

      Saturday, March 15, 2014

      Keep Calm and Carry On by Napoleon Hill

      As we know, Mr. Ford had little formal schooling. Perhaps because of this fact, the Chicago Tribune, which took exception to some of his views on war, called him an ignoramus. Mr. Ford brought suit, charging the newspaper with libel.
      When the attorneys for the Tribune had Mr. Ford on the witness stand they cross-examined him in an attempt to prove their statement was true.
      One question they asked was: “How many soldiers did the British send over to subdue the rebellion in the colonies in 1776?”
      With a dry grin, Ford replied: “I don’t know just how many, but I have heard it was a lot more than ever went back.”
      There was laughter from the court, the jury, the spectators, and even from the frustrated lawyer who had asked the question.
      Ford kept calm through an hour or more of similar questioning on “schoolbook” topics. At length, in reply to a question which was particularly obnoxious to him, the industrialist let off some steam. He observed that he had a row of electric push-buttons hanging over his desk, and that when he wanted a question answered, he place his finger on the right button and called in the right man to answer that question. He wanted to know why he should burden his mind with a lot of useless details when he had able men around him who could supply him with all the information he needed.
      Source: Grow Rich With Peace of Mind. Napoleon Hill. Ballantine Books. 1996. Pgs. 134-134.

      Wednesday, March 12, 2014

      Founder of Stand Up America and Former Pro Basketball Player Derrick Boles Shares His Story on The Simply G Radio Show, a Division of The Simply G Media Network

      Simply G Media Network today announced the interview, with founder and former Pro Basketball player Derrick Boles on The Simply G Radio Show with host Neil Haley, the Total Tutor.

      Neil Haley, The Total Tutor host of the Simply G Radio show, interviewed Derrick Boles to find out about his overseas basketball career and why he founded Stand Up America.
      Boles always wanted to be a basketball player. He grew up in Detroit, Michigan. According to Boles, The playground is the place where you learned to play the game. His goal was to dominate on the playgrounds.
      “Your rep would be based on how you play on the court,” Boles said. “I knew I was good because I was six foot four inches tall. I was recruited by many schools.”
      In this interview, Boles said he had no idea what the process was to go to college. He was the first generation in his family to have the change to attend a university. He would get calls from many different schools, yet he had no idea about how the division one process worked.
      Boles ended up attending Idaho State University because the assistant coach from Michigan State left to become the head coach of Idaho State and recruited him along. He said he had great experience playing for Idaho State and, after a great college career, he received offers to play basketball overseas.
      After his pro career of playing outside of the United States ended, Boles ended up becoming a college basketball coach. He wanted a larger platform to help people, so he founded his our leadership firm and began Stand Up America.
      Boles is the founder and CEO of a nationally recognized leadership firm L.E.A.D.E.R.H.I.P.1 LLC. His experience and expertise has landed him high profile clients both on the national and international scale. His “Hearts and Minds” approach and in-depth knowledge of team dynamics and organizational behavior has been tremendous resource for him to build a team of national experts.
      Stand Up America started with the idea to have celebrities ride a stand up bike across America. Celebrities continued falling out left and right to do the race. So Boles had to stand up and do the race alone. That is how the stand up name got started.
      Simply G Media CEO and ViSalus 5 Star Ambassador GJ Reynolds shares, “Derrick Boles has chosen to stand up and be the light to lead others to do the same. He exemplifies what it means to stand up and live his moral compass to challenge others to do the same! I love what Derrick is all about!”
      The overall mission of Stand Up America is to start the conversation and realign our moral compass by building leaders for the future and challenging people to stand up and to be more engaged in finding solutions the social ills.
      For more information on Derrick’s foundation you can go to You can listen to the interview now by going to

      Tuesday, March 11, 2014

      Authenticity – Keep It Real!

      • What is your dream?
      Authenticity is being true to oneself, keeping it real and having integrity with oneself.  Authenticity is the journey to a life based on the pursuit of your own purpose and guided by your own values, where we are true to ourselves without fear or compromise in all situations.
      Authenticity is entirely compatible with modern living and even with having a job.  It absolutely does not require anyone to “drop out” or become a “hippy” (unless, of course that is who they authentically are) in fact it does not require anyone to do anything except to find out who they are and be it.
      Authenticity is a process of evolving self knowledge and applying it to every situation and decision. does not see it as being quite so clear or simple, here is what their entry on authenticity has to say:
      “Authenticity is a technical term in existentialist philosophy. In this philosophy, the conscious self is seen as coming to terms with being in a material world and with encountering external forces, pressures and influences which are very different from, and other than, itself. Authenticity is the degree to which one is true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character, despite these pressures. Existentialists see this process in different ways.
      It is difficult to determine the origin of the contemporary notion of authenticity. Writers on the subject of authenticity have often attempted to ground their views in work from a wide variety of historical periods. Secular and religious notions of authenticity have coexisted for centuries under different guises; perhaps the earliest account of authenticity that remains popular is Socrates’ admonition that the “unexamined” life is not worth living.
      In the twentieth century, Anglo-American discussions of authenticity often center around the writers of a few key figures associated with existentialist philosophy, where the term originated; because most of these writers wrote in languages other than English, the process of translating and anthologizing has had a strong impact on the debate.
      For these writers, the conscious self is seen as coming to terms with being in a material world and with encountering external forces and influences which are very different from itself; authenticity is one way in which the self acts and changes in response to these pressures.
      Authenticity is often “at the limits” of language; it is described as the negative space around inauthenticity, with reference to examples of inauthentic living. Sartre’s novels are perhaps the easiest access to this mode of describing authenticity: they often contain characters and anti-heroes who base their actions on external pressures — the pressure to appear to be a certain kind of person, the pressure to adopt a particular mode of living, the pressure to ignore one’s own moral and aesthetic objections in order to have a more comfortable existence.
      His work also includes characters who do not understand their own reasons for acting, or who ignore crucial facts about their own lives in order to avoid uncomfortable truths; this connects his work with the philosophical tradition.
      Sartre is concerned also with the “vertiginous” experience of absolute freedom. Under Sartre’s view, this experience, necessary for the state of authenticity, can be sufficiently unpleasant that it leads people to inauthentic ways of living.
      In all writers, authenticity is seen as a very general concept, not attached to any particular political or aesthetic ideology.This is a necessary aspect of authenticity: because it concerns a person’s relation with the world, it can not be arrived at by simply repeating a set of actions or taking up a set of positions. In this manner, authenticity is connected with creativity: the impetus to action must arise from the person in question, and not be externally imposed.
      Heidegger takes this notion to the extreme, by speaking in very abstract terms about modes of living; his terminology was adopted and simplified by Sartre in his philosophical works. Kierkegaard’s work (such as the “Panegyric Upon Abraham” from his Fear and Trembling) often focuses on biblical stories which are (naturally) not directly immitigable. Sartre, as has been noted above, focused on inauthentic existence as a way to avoid the paradoxical problem of appearing to provide prescriptions for a mode of living that rejects external dictates.
      These considerations aside, it is the case that authenticity has been associated with various human activities. For Sartre, Jazz music was a representation of freedom; this may have been in part because Jazz was associated with African-American culture, and was thus in opposition to Western culture generally, which Sartre considered hopelessly inauthentic. Theodor Adorno, however, another writer and philosopher concerned with the notion of authenticity, despised Jazz music because he saw it as a false representation that could give the appearance of authenticity but that was as much bound up in concerns with appearance and audience as many other forms of art.
      Heidegger in his later life associated authenticity with non-technological modes of existence, seeing technology as distorting a more “authentic” relationship with the natural world.
      Most writers on inauthenticity in the twentieth century considered the predominant cultural norms to be inauthentic; not only because they were seen as forced on people, but also because, in themselves, they required people to behave inauthentically towards their own desires, obscuring true reasons for acting.
      Advertising, in as much as it attempted to give people a reason for doing something that they did not already possess, was a “textbook” example of how Western culture distorted the individual for external reasons. Race relations are seen as another limit on authenticity, as they demand that the self engage with others on the basis of external attributes.
      An early example of the connection between inauthenticity and capitalism was made by Karl Marx, whose notion of “alienation” can be linked to the later discourse on the nature of inauthenticity.
      Hence those concerned with living authentically have often led unusual lives that opposed cultural norms; the rise of the counter-culture in the 1960s in Europe and America was seen by many as a new opportunity to live an authentic existence. Many, however, have pointed out that just because one lives unusually, one is not necessarily in an authentic state of being.
      The connection of the violation of cultural norms to authenticity, however, is strong and real, and continues today: among artists who explicitly violate the conventions of their profession, for example. The connection of inauthenticity to capitalism is contained in the notion of “selling out,” used to describe an artist whose work has become inauthentic after achieving commercial success and thus becoming to an extent integrated into an inauthentic system.
      If authenticity can only be described in very abstract terms, or as the negative of inauthenticity, what can be said about it directly? All writers agree that authenticity is:
      Something to be pursued as a goal intrinsic to “the good life.”
      Intrinsically difficult, due in part to social pressures to live inauthentically, and in part due to a person’s own character.  A revelatory state, where one perceives oneself, other people, and sometimes even things, in a radically new way.
      One might add that many, though not all, writers have agreed that authenticity also:
      • Requires self-knowledge.
      • Alters radically one’s relationships with other people.
      • Carries with it its own set of moral obligations.
      • Can be obtained regardless of race, gender and class.”

      Monday, March 10, 2014

      Characteristics of Authentic Solutions

      • Characteristics of Authentic Solutions – Part 2 of 3
      An authentic solution:
      -       emerges out of its environment, rather than being imposed from above. In large companies or government organizations, imposition from above is a persistent problem. Intervention at the food importer succeeded because the solution crystallized from conversations with all sides, and was recommended by a third party, rather than being imposed by either the Board or managers.
      -       is sustainable without exceptional effort. When you go for a quick fix, you often find that the same problem returns with greater force not long afterwards, in a different guise. This doesn’t happen when you apply authentic solutions, since a fundamental issue has been resolved.
      -       is respectful to people and planet. WH Smith trusted their customers and so, were willing to try the honesty box. A solution like that makes everyone feel better about themselves.
      -       is affordable. Indeed, authentic solutions often cost far less than conventional ones, as was the case with Ricardo Semler’s answer to his theft problems – that cost nothing.
      -       matches the complexity of the problem. An authentic solution addresses fundamental causes, whereas superficial solutions (quick fixes) merely scratch the surface. Thus the solution may be complex, if the situation merits it.  It shouldn’t be complicated, which is a very different quality (complicated is the opposite of simple
      -    while something can be both simple and complex). Very often an authentic solution will have an elegant simplicity, like a well-designed spade or teapot.
      note:  excerpts taken from an article from the original author, Patrick Andrews, a creative problem solver and business advisor.

      Sunday, March 9, 2014

      Simply G Media Network today announced the interview, with author and speaker Antonio V. Wright on The Simply G Radio Show with host Neil Haley, the Total Tutor.

        College Football Star Author and Speaker Antonio V. Wright Discussed His Book on The Simply G Radio Show, a Division of The Simply G Media Network

        Neil Haley, The Total Tutor host of the Simply G Radio show, interviewed Antonio V Wright to find out his story and why he wrote his book.
        Wright said his debut effort, From a Label to a Brand, was written to inspire others to persevere in the face of all (small and life-altering) challenges, by continuing to focus on goals and believe beyond belief. His stories about hope, tragedy, camaraderie, and sports throughout Wright’s life offer a cozy nostalgia that invites readers to introspective trips down memory lane.
        On The Simply G Radio Show, Wright said that he always wanted to be a college football player. He wanted to get his degree so he can better himself, as he believe graduating from college would be his way out of poverty.
        Wright discussed his high school football career. During his senior year, Wright led the city in tackles. He did not get recruited to play college football and, after trying out year after year, he got cut from his college team three times. So, he played junior college football. He excelled there so he decided to play for his dream Division 1 team Jackson State.
        During the interview, Wright shared about how his life changed when he was in a devastating a car accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Wright admits that had he not been wearing his seatbelt, he likely would have died.
        “Your entire life changes completely and everything you know in life is gone” Wright said. “You cannot feel your legs, you are not able to walk, and your daily life changes.”
        “Thankfully I had a great foundation from watching my mother go through the difficult experiences she went through. ” continued Wright. “She had challenges and always moved forward. I never got depressed, and just thought, so this is the next challenge.”
        Wright also discussed how he grew and recovered, physically and socially after the injury. He started driving one month after his injury and, three months later, he learned to play wheelchair basketball. He was coaching football the following year. A year later he went back to college. He received his degree. He also became strength and conditioning coach for Jackson State University.
        Simply G Media CEO GJ Reynolds shared this, “Antonio is the most positive human being he knows. Antonio turned a tragic event into a powerful platform to assist and inspire others to transform their life. Antonio is such a great man and a loving one at that. He loves people and everyone he meets becomes his friend! I am inspired by him in so many ways! I am honored to know him and to call him my brother!!! I love Antonio!!!”
        You can listen to the interview now by going to

        Saturday, March 8, 2014


        The Simply G Media Network now announced the launch of the latest interview about December 19th, with celeb 80s teenager star Diane Franklin about The Total Education Celebrity Show with host Neil Haley, the Total Tutor.
        Neil Haley, The Total Tutor plus host of the Total Education Celebrity show, interviewed Diane Franklin to locate out how she started because an actor, plus her experiences inside the videos.
        Franklin, ideal recognized for her character because among the princesses inside the Bill And Ted movies, began her job by appearing inside TV commercials for Coca-Cola, Trident, Jell-O, plus Maxwell Home coffee. Her initial movie part was inside the 1982 movie The Last American Virgin because Karen. Her performing cv equally involves roles inside the 1982 horror movie Amityville II: The Possession because Patricia Montelli as well as the 1985 comedy movie Better Off Dead because Monique, the foreign exchange student from France.
        “Better off Dead was 1 of my favorite videos of all time,” Haley mentioned. “It was thus cool to chat along with her regarding her experiences because an actress.”
        In the interview, Franklin explained which she usually desired to be an actress plus which she began modeling at 10 years of age. She revealed which she stopped modeling, not considering she desired to however considering she wasn’t tall enough. This cause Franklin generating the switch to commercials where she took roles together with alternative distinguished teenager stars.
        Franklin mentioned her big break came whenever she landed a character found on the soap opera As the World Turns playing a character that got expectant plus hid her birth control medications. As Franklin recalls, this had been a wonderful understanding experience for her.
        In addition, Haley asked several intense concerns, including whether Franklin’s parents were happy along with her profession choice, to that she responded, “My parents supported me inside what I desired to do. They were proud of me.”
        Her initially feature movie, Last American Virgin, virtually didn’t receive introduced. “We were not going to receive distribution,” mentioned Franklin. “We thought, Who knows that usually ever receive see this movie.” Today, Last American Virgin is considered a cult classic.
        When asked when she considers her character inside Better Off Dead her largest character, Franklin mentioned, “I hope I is remembered because character the many. That film built the kids shows ‘iCarly’ plus ‘The Amanda Show.’ Additionally, which film is hilarious.”
        “Classic videos like Better Off Dead assist remind we of excellent school inside the 80s, anything we may relate to plus enjoy,” mentioned GJ Reynolds, CEO of The Simply G Media Network. “These films can definitely create we laugh.”
         Diane Franklin_EMBED

        Friday, March 7, 2014

        Three-Time Pro Bowler & Green Bay Packer Leroy Butler Discusses His Book Packers Pride on BeachLifestyle Media, a Division of the Simply G Media Network

        The Simply G Media Network and Beachlifestyle Media announce the release of the interview with Three-Time Pro Bowler Leroy Butler, on Author’s Corner with host Neil Haley, the Total Tutor.

        Neil Haley, The Total Tutor and host of Author’s Corner, interviewed LeRoy Butler to find out about Butler’s new book, Packers Pride: Green Bay Greats Share Their Favorite Memories, and to discuss Butler’s favorite memories of playing for the Green bay Packers.
        Selected by the Packers in the second round of the 1990 draft, Butler played in 181 games and earned a Super Bowl ring after the 1996 season. He was selected as an All-Pro five times and was picked to play in the Pro Bowl four times (1993, 1996, 1997, and 1998). He was named to the NFL 1990s All-Decade Team by the Pro Football Hall of Fame and, in 2007, was inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame.
        During his 12 seasons with the Packers, Butler recorded 953 tackles, 38 interceptions, 553 return yards, 12 fumble recoveries, 3 defensive touchdowns and 20 1/2 sacks. He led or tied for the team lead in interceptions in five different seasons. He was the first defensive back in NFL history to gain entrance in the 20 Sack/20 Interception Club.
        “LeRoy was the perfect person to write this book,” Haley said. “He definitely bleeds green and gold.”
        When asked how much of an honor it was to be asked to write Packers Pride, LeRoy said, “Having the chance to tell my story alongside 60 other players’ stories of what it meant to be a Green Bay Packer, it was a tremendous honor to be chosen.”
        In the interview, Butler discusses how he started the famous Lambeau Leap, the history of the team, the Packers lean years (70s, 80s and early 90s), and how important it was to him that he was part of a new winning tradition in Green Bay. He also talked about some of the players he interviewed for the book, including Sterling Sharpe and Brett Favre.
        “[Sterling] was one of those muscle bound guys at wide receiver,” Butler said. “Brett was the best teammate in the entire league. He got to know us each individually. Brett networked his way and got to know everybody. This is why teammates loved him.”
        Butler continued, “Any Packer fan would love Packer Pride. We are owned by the fans. The fans see us everyday. They show their stock certificate to others and take pictures of it. That is why we named it Packer Pride—it was spot on.”
        CEO of the Simply G Media Network GJ Reynolds said, “LeRoy is the kind of individual whom uses the platforms he has been given to raise people up. It is what Packer Pride represents.”
        You can purchase his book by clicking here. You are able to listen to the radio interview at

        Thursday, March 6, 2014

        Former Boston Celtic & NBA Hall of Fame Legend Dave Cowens Talks About His New Book “There Are No Do-Overs: The Big Red Factors” on the Simply G Media Network

        Beachlifestyle Media announced the release of a recent interview on December 12th with NBA Hall of Famer and Boston Celtics legend Dave Cowens, discussing his new book, There Are No Do-overs. Cowens explained how sports and business go hand-in-hand to Total Tutor host Neil Haley and co-host GJ Reynolds.

        The Total Education Celebrity Show and Simply G Media Network today announced the release of a recent interview with NBA Hall of Famer and Boston Celtics legend Dave Cowens, discussing his new book, “There Are No Do-Overs: The Big Red Factors For Sustaining a Business Long-Term.” Cowens explained how sports and business go hand-in-hand to Total Tutor host Neil Haley and co-host & entrepreneur GJ Reynolds.
        Known for his tenacity and work ethic as a mainstay of the Boston Celtics in the 1970s, leading the team to NBA Championships in 1974 and 1976, Cowens earned a berth in the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1991. Now, with his new book, he is helping teams and businesses find sustained success, long term.
        In the interview, Cowens talks about There Are No Do-overs, and explained how the book came to be with co-author Tom Raffio, President & CEO of Northeast Delta Dental. In the book, Raffio combines business leadership principles with stories from Cowens time as a coach and player.
        “It is really interesting to see the relationship between business and sports,” said host Haley. “They are both competitions where the hardest workers reap the rewards.”
        Cowens revealed keys to how players grow as individuals and to how successful teams draft so well.
        “This book is a how to book on how to run your business or family,” said Cowens. “(Growth) is what makes successful teams and businesses different.”
        In addition, Cowens’ also addressed recruitment and how to recruit team players who fit what you’re trying to accomplish. “I believe surrounding yourself with the right people is one of the keys to success in business.”
        Cowens says it’s essential in business and in sports to have a good working environment. Other topics discussed include customer service, the importance of relationships, how to work through adversity and more.
        “You only get a few big opportunities in your life,” said Reynolds, an entrepreneur himself. “You need to jump on that opportunity or you could miss out on your big break.”
        Reynolds continued, “Leaders are people who you are able to count on and are approachable.” Dave puts the team first versus on himself or any one person. Dave was able to highlight this fact in this interview.”
        You are able to listen to the interview now by clicking here: