Friday, March 1, 2013

You Can Work Your Own Miracles-Part #1

By: Napoleon Hill

1. Every adversity, every unpleasant circumstance, every failure, and every physical pain carries with it the seed of an equivalent benefit.

2. Refuse to accept as inevitable any circumstance one does not desire.

3. Your mental attitude determines whether you find peace of mind or go through life in a state of frustration and misery.

4. The mind is the one and only means by which an individual may plan his own life and live it as he chooses. A positive mental attitude is the fixed purpose to make every experience, whether it is pleasant or unpleasant, yield some form of benefit which will help us to balance our lives with all the things which lead to peace of mind. It is the habit of searching for “the seed of an equivalent benefit” which comes with every failure, defeat, or adversity we experience, and causing that seed to germinate into something beneficial.

The majority of people go all the way through life with their mental attitudes dominated by fears and anxieties and worries over circumstances which somehow have a way of making their appearance sooner or later. A positive mental attitude is the habit of acting with definiteness of purpose, with full belief in both the soundness of that purpose and one’s ability to achieve it.

All habits, good or bad, voluntary or involuntary, are established by one’s mental attitude.

5. Mental attitude is everything, because it influences every experience with which we meet, and it is under our complete control at all times.

What a profound thought it is to recognize that the one thing which can give us success or bring us failure, bless us with peace of mind, or curse us with misery all the days of our lives, is simply the privilege of taking possession of our own minds and guiding them to whatever ends we choose, through our mental attitude.

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