Saturday, March 2, 2013

You Can Work Your Own Miracles-Part #4

You Can Work Your Own Miracles By: Napoleon Hill

12. The Twelve Great Riches of Life:

a. A POSTIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. One’s mental attitude supplies the “pulling power” which attracts to him the material equivalent of all fears, desires, doubts and beliefs.

b. SOUND PHYSICAL HEALTH. Maintenance of a Positive Mental Attitude is one of the greatest forms of prevention of ill health known to mankind.

c. HARMONY IN HUMAN RELATIONS. Friction in human relations is often the result of confusion, frustration, fear, and doubt within the individual who, oftentimes, mirrors these negative states of mind in other people, thus making harmony impossible.

d. FREEDOM FROM FEAR. No man enslaved by fear is rich; nor is he free.

e. THE HOPE OF FUTURE ACHIEVEMENT. Hope sustains one in times of emergency when, without it, fear would take over. Hope is the basis of the most profound form of happiness which comes from the expectancy of success in some, as yet unattained, plan or purpose.

f. THE CAPACITY FOR FAITH. Faith is the spiritual quality which, when mixed with prayer, gives one direct and immediate connection with Infinite Intelligence.

g. WILLINGNESS TO SHARE ONE’S BLESSINGS. He who has not learned the blessed art of sharing his blessing with others has not found the true path to enduring happiness. Neglect or refusal to share one’s blessings is a sure way to cut the line of communication between a man and his soul.

h. A LABOR OF LOVE. Engagement in a labor of love is the greatest of all cures for melancholy, frustration, and fear. And it is a builder of physical health without equal.

i. AN OPEN MIND ON ALL SUBJECTS. Tolerance, which is among the higher attributes of culture, is expressed only by the person who holds an open mind on all subjects, toward all people, at all times.

j. SELF-DISCIPLINE. Self-discipline is the only means by which one may take full and complete possession of his own mind and direct it to the attainment of whatsoever ends he may wish.

k. THE CAPACITY TO UNDERSTAND PEOPLE. The person who is rich in the understanding of people recognizes that all people are fundamentally alike. Know yourself and you will be well on the road to understanding others.

l. ECONOMIC SECURITY. Economic security is not attained by the possession of money alone. It is attained by the service one renders, for useful service may be converted into all forms of human needs, with or without the use of money.

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