Thursday, January 22, 2015

ViSalus Ambassador’s GJ & Alita Reynolds Pass $2,000,000 in Earnings!

ViSalus Ambassador’s GJ & Alita Reynolds Pass $2,000,000 in Earnings!

GJ & Alita Reynolds have passed the milestone of earning over $2,000,000 since being with ViSalus! They have joined a prestigious group of ViSalus Ambassadors that have earned more than $2-Million, and continue to rise through the earnings ranks! GJ & Alita, both realize it is an amazing accomplishment, but also recognize that their path to greatness involves transforming over ONE-BILLION LIVES GLOBALLY!
$2,000,000 ViSalus Career Earnings
GJ Reynolds is an original equity holder in the company Visalus, Five-Star Ambassador, VI Millionaire, and CEO of Simply G Media. He is the author of The Playful and Powerful Warrior Within You. Reynolds is known for working out over 1,000 days straight and winning the Dale Brown Challenge.
Reynolds announced that he and his team are challenging people to lose 10 pounds or build 10 pounds of muscle.
Once someone loses 10 pounds he or she is able to continue on with their challenge goal,” Reynolds said. “We have the Project 10 Ten Challenge—feed a child in need.
Reynolds goal is to lose 10 pounds and post it on the web and shoot the challenge video. Then when others in the challenge lose 10 pounds, he plans to shoot another video. Also, when people complete the challenge to lose weight they will get an “I lost it” t-shirt and be entered to win $1000.00. Every week ten people are selected and they win $1000.00.
G’s overall goal: He wants to impact a billion people in the world to be healthier, more successful and, ultimately, happier.

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