Benefits of a Pleasing Personality by Napoleon Hill

Since no one ever voluntarily does anything without a motive, and no one desires to labor without the promise of reward, let us briefly review the benefits one may enjoy when he develops a pleasing personality:
a. A pleasing personality attracts the friendly cooperation of others, and thus prepares the way for master mind alliances.
b. It insures the maintenance of a positive mental attitude which is a prerequisite for success in all constructive human endeavor.
c. It qualifies one with the most important fundamental of leadership in any calling or profession.
d. It establishes harmony with one’s own mind, which is the first requirement for harmony in relationships with others.
e. It is an essential asset for the accumulation of material riches.
f. It is a builder of self-reliance.
g. It helps convert defeat into victory.
h. It increases the space one may occupy in the hearts of others.
i. It discourages friction in all human relationships.
A pleasing personality also brings other advantages. We have listed only the more important ones, but any one of them alone is sufficient to justify all the effort put into the development of a pleasing personality.
There are those who believe that a pleasing personality is an inherent quality with which only a few are endowed at birth. Perish the thought! A pleasing personality is an asset of priceless value which can be attained by those who are willing to pay the price of its development. And an important part of this price is a sincere, wholesome love of people.
Source:  PMA Science of Success Course. Educational Edition. The Napoleon Hill Foundation. 1983. Pgs. 195-196.