Saturday, February 2, 2013

Live in the Now-Choices

As you grew into an adult, that feeling of awe diminished because you become caught up in the effort of survival and the demands of your life and time. You spent at least eight hours of every day at some form of employment. When you were outside of work, you were concerned with other necessities and responsibilities of your life—after-hour appointments, social commitments, the demands of children and spouses. You increasingly engaged your own autopilot, which allowed you to function physically while jumping ahead mentally to the next task or responsibility. After a while, this became a habitual mode of existence, and your awareness of the world around you narrowed because you were rarely fully present in the moment. In effect, you began to function like a robot or a sleepwalker in your waking life.

Are you able to relate? Are you living on autopilot? How do you break free from this habitual mode of functioning? How do you regain the sense of newness that will expand your mind and awaken you from your dream? You do it with intent. That is, you must exercise the full power of your human will and become mindful of every action you undertake. You must constantly be aware and remind yourself to pay close attention to your thoughts, words, and actions. Be present and embrace the sensation of chewing and tasting your food. Be present and feel your hands on the steering wheel and revel in the synchronistic movements of shifting gears. To enjoy the sounds, smells, and sights in your life, you must be present.

Even the simplest gestures such as smiling, shaking hands, or looking at your watch must be undertaken with the mind fully focused on the task. It is a conscious feat when you awaken to your own existence in the present now.

When you are “present,” you have power, and in that power, you have choice.

Excerpt From GJ Reynolds' Book: The Playful and Powerful WARRIOR within YOU! (Ch. 17 Pg# 163-164)

Article by: GJ Reynolds

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GJ Reynolds also known as “G” is a Passionate, Playful & Powerful Warrior Entrepreneur, Author, and Life Transformer. He is also a Visalus Founding Promoter, Ambassador, Co-Founder of the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge, business developer, coach, mentor, trainer, public speaker and radio host. He teaches others how to have fun reclaiming their Life, Health & Prosperity! G is driven to assist others to reach their full potential and having their magnificence to shine. He loves to teach and work with like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals who choose to reclaim their personal power and transform their life, health and prosperity. He lives a life of purpose, on purpose and for purpose. He enjoys the process of his personal, spiritual, and professional journey, while assisting others to do the same. G is at his best when he is learning, teaching, inspiring, creating, organizing, and leading the way! He also enjoys communicating with others that are of like mind and is on a mission to assist millions of people to transform their lives! Need a little help?

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