Saturday, September 14, 2013

Defining Success-Part #1 By: Coach John Wooden

Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success

By: Coach John Wooden

It all started in Martinsville High School in Indiana. When we were sophomores, a teacher assigned us to write a paper on the definition of success. Many of my classmates equated success with wealth, fame, power, and status; others characterized it as the winning of championships. I wasn't comfortable with any of these descriptions and began to mull over what the world really means.

Many years late, after I had graduated from Purdue University, I became a teacher and again had to give the concept of success some serious thought. Some of the parents at South Bend Central High School, where I taught, presented a problem. They wanted their average children to get only As and Bs--they considered a lower grade as failure. A grade of C was good enough for someone else's children, but not for their own. (Of course, years later when I had children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of my own, I understood this sentiment.)

However, as an educator, I differed with parents' reasoning, and I could not embrace their measurement regarding success and failure. It seemed unfair to consider a student with average ability who performed to the best of his of her ability as a failure simply because he or she was not at the top of the class. Moreover, it was not right for me, as a teacher, to give a grade that was undeserved. Faced with this dilemma, I continued in my quest to define success. Wanting to have an impact on my students, I sought to identify the principles that would serve them for a lifetime.

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