Sunday, September 1, 2013

Treat all people with dignity and respect-Part #3

Respect has been defined in part as: a willingness to show consideration or appreciation. Respect for everyone is a core value that Coach learned from his father Joshua:

In his book with Don Yeager A Game Plan for Life Coach described his father’s influence this way:

“Remember this,” he used to say to us. “You’re as good as anybody. But never forget you’re no better than anybody, either.” He stressed the balance between pride in oneself and humility of spirit. “Don’t look down on anybody. Don’t look down on them,” he’d say.

I remember his exact words because his adherence to them never wavered. My father’s spirit of gentleness came to be one of the trademarks of my coaching. He never yelled, never grew angry, and treated everyone with respect.

In interviews, I was inevitably asked about why I sat on the bench with a rolled-up program in my hand rather than pacing the sidelines, hollering out directions to the players and objections to the referees.

The answer to that is simple: I did what my father would have done.

Every day we have the opportunity to treat all people with dignity and respect. It will make those we meet feel better, make us feel better and set a good example for all who observe us.

It is very contagious!

Yours in Coaching,

Craig Impelman

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