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GJ Reynolds meets the Dale Brown Challenge


GJ Reynolds meets the Dale Brown Challenge

Lincoln, Nebraska – August , 2013 - GJ Reynolds, entrepreneur, businessman, author, motivational speaker and fitness expert has become the first person to meet the Dale Brown Challenge. This challenge involved a challenge to walk or run at least two miles every day, and to work out at least an hour every day for a year.

Dale Brown, Hall of Fame and National Basketball Coach of the Year, has challenged a countless of folks over the past 40 years to a demanding test. It involved walking/running at least 1 mile a day and working out at least an hour every day. On October 6, 20011, GJ Reynolds accepted the challenge to complete two miles per day and work out for an hour per day. GJ chose to begin his journey to fitness.

At the time he began, GJ could only do 2 military presses and 6 leglifts, compared to Dale's 20 repsX2. At age 50 GJ was considerably less able to perform exercises and lifts than his 75-year-old challenger. Coach Brown described GJ, “He was like a blowfish trying to push the bar! He was so weak, he could barely lift a toothpick.” This spurred his willingness to try this test of discipline, will, strength and stamina.

The two men were determined to stick with the regimen in their friendly contest. In the event one of the participants were to miss a day, for any reason, the person whom failed, had to call the other person and state the following, “This is a boy calling a man!” From the beginning they were accountability partners, communicating frequently about their required activities and how they had fared. They gave each other advice and encouragement.

Over the years successful athletes, businessmen and fellow coaches had tried the challenge. In spite of travel, holidays, illness, family demands, they were required to get their workout and walk in. But no one had ever been able to match Coach Brown's self-discipline and stamina.... Until GJ took up the challenge.

One of the things that happened during this time, GJ had seven minor surgical procedures to his foot, which made it very difficult for him to walk. He strained his left ankle, right ankle, pulled his calf muscle and had countless minor issues during the yearlong challenge. “I like to say I was simply removing the rust off my body! It has been a process and a journey. It was a journey of testing my personal discipline and commitment. It also was a test of my character. Every day was on the honor system. Everyday I thought about quitting! I kept hearing Coach say in my head, never ever quit! I also knew if I quit, it would give a reason for someone to quit on their personal challenge or to never get off the couch in the first place”, GJ explained As a 5 Star Ambassador for ViSalus, a 90 day health challenge and fitness corporation, GJ knew the commitment necessary for success. In spite of many obstacles and the everyday demands of a business entrepreneur, husband and father, he was able to meet the Coach's challenge. GJ Reynolds became the first man to complete the grinding year Dale Brown had proposed! GJ is rightly proud, and also quick to give credit for support of his family and friends, and the physical strength and nutrition of ViSalus. GJ said, “I owe my success to Visalus products, to my wife Alita, Coach Brown, my trainers Steve Tangen, Kenny Ho and Jerome Davis, and the Visalus community!” Without the physical and mental support, it would have been a difficult goal to achieve. GJ stated, “The one thing I know, it is possible for anyone to improve their life, health and prosperity if they choose to. I am a living example of choosing one step at a time. I have now completed 672 straight days and going. Coach Brown said, “I never in my wildest days gave GJ a shot to complete more than six weeks, at best!” What most people do not know, I truly do not enjoy to workout. I have had to create a fun way for me to enjoy the process and set small incremental goals daily, so I could stay the course. It has now become a daily habit.” As a motivational leader, GJ is eager to encourage others to set challenges in their lives. He is a co-creator of the ViSalus Body by Vi Challenge, which gives ViSalus users a great start in their weight-loss and fitness program. GJ says, “My goal is to inspire billions of people to simply transform their life, health and prosperity, by simply deciding to choose to do so and do it one step at a time! The hardest step, is indeed the first step, unless you have seven surgical procedures! If you would like to learn more about how GJ met the Dale Brown Challenge, or about the Body by Vi Challenge, please go to: www.simplyG.com www.wearethechallenge.com www.missiong.org www.beachlifestyle.com Contact Neil Haley @ (412) 523-0289 for inquiries.

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GJ Reynolds also known as “G” is a Passionate, Playful & Powerful Warrior Entrepreneur, Author, and Life Transformer. He is also a Visalus Founding Promoter, Ambassador, Co-Founder of the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge, business developer, coach, mentor, trainer, public speaker and radio host. He teaches others how to have fun reclaiming their Life, Health & Prosperity! G is driven to assist others to reach their full potential and having their magnificence to shine. He loves to teach and work with like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals who choose to reclaim their personal power and transform their life, health and prosperity. He lives a life of purpose, on purpose and for purpose. He enjoys the process of his personal, spiritual, and professional journey, while assisting others to do the same. G is at his best when he is learning, teaching, inspiring, creating, organizing, and leading the way! He also enjoys communicating with others that are of like mind and is on a mission to assist millions of people to transform their lives! Need a little help?

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