Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Lot to Learn About Nothing to Lose By: Ryan Blair-Part #3/3

• Which is it, nothing to lose, or everything to lose? 

NTL vs. ETL is really the duality of start-ups vs. established companies. The difference in decision making between having nothing to lose and everything to lose is vast. It’s why small nimble start-ups are beating major established brands. One management team is guarding their reputation, their shareholders, and their weekends off (ETL), while the other is willing to work harder and bet their future on a single strategy to win, or lose. A startup, by nature, should always bet the company with a nothing to lose attitude and that is why some make it, and others don’t. 

My company was the startup that looked at the industry it was in, bet the company and won, and now we find ourselves with a lot to lose. I am faced with this dilemma daily, and I’m forced to process the two modalities constantly. I plan to maintain this duality indefinitely. 

• Make a ‘nothing to lose’ bet. 

Sometimes you have to bet against a bet. We applied this, in fact, to the technology I spoke of earlier. We launched the software product and six months later we made it obsolete by launching a mobile product to compete with it. We seed funded an investment in a start-up whose sole goal in life was to do just that, beat us. In this particular case the start-up did indeed cannibalize another major investment we made. I literally bet millions against a multi-million dollar bet. Some would call this a hedge, but in my opinion it wasn’t. Another start-up would have come to market against us one way or another, so this wasn’t a hedge, it was a ‘nothing to lose bet’ and in the end there were two winners. 

Whether you are a big company or a small company ultimately your success comes down to the decisions you make and the perspective from which you make them. So, what’s your perspective, NTL or ETL?

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