Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Accomplish More by Doing Less By: Darren Hardy-Part#4

You get in life what you tolerate. This is one of the greatest success philosophies I’ve ever heard. Put another way, you will get in life what you accept and expect you are worthy of. If you tolerate disrespect, you will be disrespected. If you tolerate being underpaid and overworked, that will continue for you. If you tolerate being overweight, tired and perpetually sick, you will be. Life will organize around the standards you set for yourself. Some think they are the victim of other people’s behavior, but in actuality, we have ultimate control over how people treat us. 

Study More 

Knowledge is not power; it is the potential of power. What you do with knowledge is where the power lies. 

Here is the conundrum: For any SUCCESS reader, learning is not what welack; in fact, it might be what’s bottlenecking us. 

We might be reading a lot, seemingly learning a lot, but never really stopping long enough to digest, contemplate, act, review and improve on anything we have just learned. 

Learning is not the problem; lack of real study and implementation is. Don’t just read a book and put it down. Read it, summarize the key ideas and then write out how you are going to implement those ideas into your life. Now act, review and improve.Stick with the ideas in that book until you realize some transformation in its implementation. 

Stay Consistent 

I used to get frustrated when starting a new venture and then seeing the competition leap out in front and get off to a fast and successful start. Then I found the single discipline that gave me the advantage to beat anybody at almost anything—consistency. 

A lot of people get gung-ho about new goals or achievements and charge out of the gate in an explosion of activity that eventually flares out. If you make a commitment to consistency, you’ll not only catch your competitors, but you’ll usually leave them in the dust every time. I do what I have found most people cannot—stay consistent. 

Lack of consistency is the subtle but great stealer of dreams and desires. The stop-and-start process is what kills progress in any pursuit. It is probably one of the greatest reasons people don’t ultimately achieve their goals and end up living lives of discontent, frustration and disappointment.

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