Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rhythms In Relaxation By: Napoleon Hill

by Napoleon Hill 

Relaxation means the complete forgetting of the worries and problems of the day. Yet there is a constant stream of people who need to relax who in effect say, “Doctor, I cannot relax.” Surprising as this seems, this is probably true, since relaxing is a negative quality. 

Let me see if I can make this clear: the conscious mind is, among other things, a selecting mechanism. We select things we like to concentrate upon. The act of concentration implies exclusion of other thoughts. We cannot concentrate on flying kites, growing roses or any other hobby unless we are fascinated by the field. If we are, it occupies all our thoughts and feelings when we get on the subject. At that moment we have forgotten the worries and problems of the day; we are relaxing. 

Haven’t we all had the experience of meeting a depressed, worried individual and attempting to find his pet subject of conversation, whether it be baseball, badminton or business? When we strike his real interest, this depressed, morose face, full of worry and frustration, lights up, becomes animated, charming and interesting. His frown is shed like the cocoon of a butterfly. It is hard to believe this is the same person who was so dejected a moment before. His mind is no longer focused on his worries, but now on another real interest. He has stopped worrying and begun to play. He has also given his subconscious mind a chance to solve his problems, while he was playing. This is truly relaxing. 

Source: PMA Science of Success Educational Edition. The Napoleon Hill Foundation. 1961. Pg. 439-440.

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