Simply G Media Network today announced the release of a recent interview with Entrepreneur and Vi Five Star Ambassador GJ Reynolds on Beachlifestyle Radio Show – hosted by Neil Haley, The Total Tutor.

Neil Haley, The Total Tutor and host of the Beachlifestyle Radio show, sat down this week with entrepreneurial icon GJ Reynolds to find out how he keeps his New Year’s Resolutions. Reynolds is a Five Star Ambassador, Vi Millionaire, CEO of Simply G Media, and an original equity holder in the company Visalus. He is also the author of The Playful and Powerful Warrior Within You. Reynolds was eager to share his insights, and offered pointers for how others can harness the determination to accomplish their goals.
“I am amazed to see how GJ sticks with his New Year’s Resolutions, even through the challenges,” said Haley. “Resolutions have turned into something many people almost expect to give up on before long, but GJ’s practical advice makes it all seem so much more attainable.”
Reynolds asserts that in order to maintain resolutions throughout the year, it’s crucial for a person to be clear about his or her mission, and also understand the steps needed to see it through. Regardless of the nature of the goal, it can be translated into actionable steps that – when followed daily – will move the needle closer and closer to achievement.
“Some people set too many goals and they give up,” said Reynolds. “Make your list or dream board and choose to accomplish it.“
Reynolds breaks up his goals into five primary categories:
  •     Financial goals
  •     Life goals
  •     Family goals
  •     Health goals
  •     Spiritual goals
By segmenting goals this way, Reynolds is able to look at them in an organized way and develop a realistic plan of attack for working on each area every day.
“If I do not accomplish the goals in a year, but I’ve made steps toward it, then I’m still much closer to the finish line for that goal,” said Reynolds.
In discussing the Visalus community, he emphasized the importance of keeping company with like-minded people. He firmly believes that being around others who have the drive to get results and can offer support along the way is one of the best ways to keep morale high.
As a supplement to his interview, Reynolds has created a document on tactics for accomplishing resolutions through the end of the year. He is providing an extra incentive for readers, who will be entered to win exclusive prizes and chances for additional learning opportunities.
To enter to win prizes like hats, T-shirts, Reynolds’s book, and a grand prize of a 90-day personal mentorship with Reynolds, please visit