Neil Haley, The Total Tutor, recently interviewed Bryan & Stephanie Vignery on SimplyG Media Network’s Beachlifetstyle Radio Show, about how the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge has changed their lives. When Haley found out from Bryan and Stephanie about their passion of living the 90 Day Challenge, he knew he had to interview them.

“The weight loss radically changed my energy level and helped me feel better—physically and emotionally,” Bryan says. Already fit, Stephanie was able to build lean muscle mass and tone up. She decreased her body fat by 4% within her first 90-Day Challenge and started to see the results she wanted.

Bryan & Stephanie Vignery live the challenge and they promote it as well. They have been able to help people be more fit, lose weight and also create an extra revenue stream for other families. Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge GJ Reynolds said, “Bryan and Stephanie are what the 90 Day Challenge is all about. They LIVE the 90 Day Challenge and have turned it into a lifestyle, for their entire family!”
Bryan and Stephanie are National Directors in Visalus and were recently featured in Visalus blog. Stephanie stepped up her 90 Day Challenge and is honored to be a finalist in the 2014 Vi Model competition. She is excited to walk the stage at Visalus National Success Training in Atlanta November 15th-17th. Stephanie is honored to be a finalist and hopes this will inspire other women to choose to get back in shape or lose weight.