GJ Reynolds released a statement today reflecting on the challenges he has faced in his life and how they have contributed to his success as an entrepreneur. GJ contends that the holidays need not be a time of stress and frustration, and that positive change is possible even in the face of seemingly hopeless adversity.

GJ Reynolds, a highly successful entrepreneur, mentor, author and philanthropist, today released a statement crediting the life lessons learned as a youth as the basis for his achievements. From his years in the US Army to the formation of the Mission G Foundation, GJ has always espoused the ingredients of specific purpose, hard work and joyful living.
“I’m releasing this statement today because I know that the holidays can be a difficult and stressful time for many people,” said Reynolds. “I want them all to know that success is possible even in the face of seemingly hopeless adversity. Don’t let the fact that the weather is getting colder bring you down. Take that warrior spirit, and continue to pursue your dreams!”
When GJ Reynolds joined the ViSalus Corporation, an international health and fitness company, they were searching for growth and expansion. He quickly became invaluable, helping them develop the highly successfulBody by Vi 90 Day Challenge. The thread of meeting challenges through finding purpose, working hard and living well was the basis of his book, “The Playful and Powerful Warrior Within You”. This philosophy has guided him through all his accomplishments.
In business, GJ has become a major influence in the network marketing industry, as well the personal development field, earning praise and financial success. He is a Vi Millionaire, 5 Star Ambassador and Top Producer Leader for Visalus, as well as a sought-after motivational speaker. He mentors high performers, seeking a healthy and prosperous life.
Another area where GJ excels is in physical well-being. Spurred on by a challenge from lifelong friend Coach Dale Brown, Hall of Fame and two-time National Basketball Coach of the Year, Reynolds became the first person to win the “Dale Brown Challenge”. This challenge involved walking or running 2 miles and working out for at least an hour every day for a year. “Today,” GJ says, “I’m stronger, faster and more fit than I was 20 years ago. Dale Brown’s Challenge is another way I have been vigilant, purposeful and have also utilized perseverance and fun, to reach a goal”.
With all his accomplishments, the one most meaningful to GJ, is the formation of the Mission G Foundation. Through its good works, GJ is able to give back to others. “Helping people is my passion. Through Mission G I am able to help transform and enrich the lives of others through education, nutrition and financial support. At both Visalus and Mission G, we save lives.”