One evening, in a “Science of Success” class, a teacher of music who was also “spinning records” part time at a leading metropolitan radio station jumped up and asked the question:

“How can PMA help me? As long as I live, I can never expect to earn an average of more than $100 a week as a teacher of music. This is true of any other average teacher of music.”
I immediately responded: “You are absolutely right! You can never earn more than $100 a week on an average—if that is what you believe. But if you choose to believe that you can earn $250, $300, $350, or any other specific sum, it will be just as easy or just as hard as earning a $100 a week. Memorize Napoleon Hill’s famous self-motivator: What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. Repeat it many times throughout the day. Say it with emotion and feeling at least 50 times this evening. Then set your objectives. Set them high! And get into action. Let me know what happens!”
Three and a half months later, this teacher wrote:
“I have come out of the maze since I started the PMA course. My health is better than ever. My average income for the past ten weeks has jumped to approximately $370-$380 a week. Despite the many hours I put in, my attitude is very cheerful and positive at all times.”
The night that music teacher asked “How can PMA help me?” he did not just hear the answer given him – he listened! To hear does not necessarily imply attention or application. To listen always does. And he listened to the messages that were applicable to him. He began to recognize and understand the constructive force of the right mental attitude in the word believe. And he began to use this force.
When he wrote his letter, he was still teaching music and spinning records at the same radio station. He was the same man. What has happened then? Who made it happen? He responded to suggestion. He used self-suggestion as directed. He changed his belief from “It can’t be done” to “It can be done!” He dared to aim higher.
One afternoon, when a famous actor appeared at the radio station as a guest artist, the music teacher decided to get into action. He responded to the self-starter Do it now!
He became so enthusiastic in telling about the happiness that comes to one who learns to love music by playing a musical instrument well that the actor urged the teacher to teach him. This actor could afford to pay the tuition charged by an expert who was willing to fit his time to suit the convenience of the student.
Because of his new mental attitude, the teacher recognized the principles and developed know-how from this experience. When other celebrities or guest artists appeared at the radio station, he sold them on the joy of learning to love music. He told them how easy it is to learn if one is properly taught. He merely repeated the procedure that had proved profitable influencing the actor. And that’s know-how.
That’s how the music teacher acquired the knowledge to increase his earnings. In addition to teaching music, he sought other means to increase his income – and, because he sought, he found what he was looking for.
Source: The Success System That Never Fails. W. Clement Store. The Napoleon Hill Foundation. Executive Books. 2004. Pgs. 77 & 78.