I met Mr. Stone for the first time in 1953. It was then that I began to unravel the dramatic story of his rise to fame and fortune, starting in business for himself with only one hundred dollars in cash and a copy of my most popular book, Think and grow Rich. I was so intrigued by the effective application Stone had made of my success philosophy that I accepted his offer to help him take the Science of Personal Achievement to his entire insurance personnel.

The task covered ten years during which I devoted all of my time to helping Mr. Stone indoctrinate his entire organization with my success philosophy. It was a tremendous job but it paid off in terms which proved conclusively that my twenty years of research under the direction of Andrew Carnegie had uncovered a miraculous formula for helping people to get from where they were to where they wished to be in life.
When I first began my association with Mr. Stone, many of his top executives frowned upon the alliance as being a waste of time. They had never heard of a success philosophy based upon what five hundred outstanding men had learned from a lifetime of experience through the trial and error method, and they were naturally suspicious of it.
When I began my association with Mr. Stone the annual premium income from policy holders was around $24 million and Mr. Stone’s personal fortune was estimated to be more than $160 million.
How much did I get from the association? you may wish to ask. The cash I received was negligible in comparison with that which Mr. Stone received, but I was not working for monetary reward; I was after something far greater than that which could have been gained by any amount of money, for I had proved during those ten years of association with Mr. Stone that the Science of Personal Achievement could perform miracles for those who embraced it and made intelligent application of it.
Source: Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind. Random House. 1996. Pgs. 6-8.