Cosmic Habitforce: The Law Which Fixes All Habits by Napoleon Hill

The purpose of the philosophy of individual achievement presented in this PMA Science of Success course is to enable you to develop and establish habits that lead to peace of mind, health and financial security, all of which are necessary for happiness. This lesson will explain the law by which you acquire habits, and how you can adapt yourself to this law with greatest benefit.
It will show you how you can set up the pattern of any habit you desire by applying the principles of this philosophy. And it will explain how cosmic habitforce takes over a habit you form and causes you to act upon this habit automatically.
Cosmic habitforce pertains to the entire universe, and is the law by which the equilibrium of the universe is maintained through established patterns, or habits. It is the law which forces every living creature, and every particle of matter, to come under the dominating influence of its environment, including the physical habits and thought habits of mankind.
Some Habits Fixed by Cosmic Habitforce
The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth His handiwork (Psalm 19, v. 1) sang David, the inspired psalmist. And indeed the heavens are one of the most obvious and most awesome testimonies to the presence and power of this law of cosmic habitforce.
The stars and planets operate with clock-like precision. They never collide, never get off their appointed course, but roll on eternally, as the result of a preconceived plan. Infinite Intelligence is behind that plan. If anyone doubts the existence of Infinite Intelligence, that person need only study the stars and planets, and the precision with which they are related to one another, to become convinced of Its existence.
Another outstanding marvel of creation is the human mind, which is capable of projecting itself into the heavens and predicting astronomical occurrences to the moment, many years in advance of the actual event.
Back of this there must be order. Nature and the universe are organized and ordered. This order, or reliability, of nature simplifies life. It is not necessary to understand all of the laws and order of the universe to make them effective in our lives. They operate whether or not they are known or understood.
But where there is order, there is predictable action and reaction. This is what we term cosmic habitforce. You can find the fundamental principles by which you can relate yourself favorably to the forces of the universe in these lessons. The same law which holds our earth in its orbit and relates it to all other planets in their orbits, both in time and space, relates human beings to one another in exact conformity with the nature of their own thoughts.
Source: PMA Science of Success. Educational Edition. The Napoleon Hill Foundation. 1961. Pgs. 489-490.
Article by: Napoleon Hill