An Explanation of Infinite Intelligence by Napoleon Hill

At this point we would like to explain just what is meant by the term Infinite Intelligence, because it is our opinion that no one may ever reach the state of mind called faith without a positive, definite belief in a Supreme Being.
In arriving at such a belief and conviction, you may employ every faculty you possess. Observation, experimentation, feeling, prayer, meditation and thought are all legitimate approaches. As in all other activities you use your natural gifts, the sense of body and spirit, and the power of mind, to organize information and knowledge, so in this case, all methods by which facts are discovered may be used in establishing your contact with this Supreme Power.
A man’s religion should be worn in his heart –
not on the lapel of his coat.
Man learns things primarily by seeing their effects or by accepting the statements of others whom he trusts. In the search for this basic reality, the Infinite Power behind all creation, you may look for evidence in the external universe, that which lies beyond the borders of your own body; you may look to your own inner self, by exploring as best you can the workings of your own mind; and you may examine the accumulated history of the race. The external universe, to thinking men, has always been an evidence of the existence of a Supreme, Creative, Directing Power. The heavens today still remain the sublime object of our investigation and speculation; they are indeed witnesses of some great power at work. The advance of science reveals many secrets of the working of this power which we call nature. Every process of nature is orderly. No chance, disorder, or chaos has been seen in the physical universe. The sun does not rise in the East today and in the West tomorrow. All of the phenomena of nature are products of law; not a single exception has thus far been found. The universe exists under a reign of perfect law. Prevalent order, such obedience to law, clearly implied intelligent planning and definiteness of purpose. Order is the product of intelligent direction. Men of science today declare that the universe appears as a product of thought! That conclusion is inescapable. There can be not thought without a thinker. The universe declares that there is intelligent purpose in nature and that, therefore, there must be a supreme Infinite Intelligence directing it.
Source:  PMA Science of Success. Educational Edition. The Napoleon Hill Foundation. 1983, Pgs. 83-84.