Vision is Crucial

If you don’t see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner. You cannot perform in a manner inconsistent with the way you see yourself.”
The me you see, is the me you will be!  This is so important, so many people struggle for the simple reason that they are unable to see themselves successful.  If you talk to someone who is significantly overweight, chances are you’ll find that they are unable to see themselves “skinny,” they can’t consistently perceive it.  Now, I’m not picking on individuals who are overweight…  because everyone deals with perception issues!  And that’s not to say that you can’t imagine something “for a second,” what I’m saying is that you don’t really believe it’s possible for you, you can’t consistently see it.
“If you can’t see it, you can’t have it.”
You must see it!  Your life is exactly what you’ve been able to see and believe up until this point.
Article by: Zig Ziglar.

Check out G’s Vision:

G’s Vision Statement:
I Am A Playful and Powerful Warrior! I am committed to being and living as the Playful and Powerful Warrior I am. I live with purpose, on purpose and for purpose! I am a self-starting warrior who exercises initiative in accomplishing my life’s goals. I choose to embrace and use my God given talents and gifts bestowed upon me, to assist others. I choose to lead by example!

G’s Vision

I Am A Playful and Powerful Warrior and I choose to build constant trustworthy win-win relationships with my family, friends, and business associates. I choose to balance my career, family, and friends as best I am able to, since all are important to me. Above all, I will always place God first.
It is important for me to associate myself professionally and individually with others who share my core values and objectives. With the help of ‘like-minded’ associates, together we are all able to achieve our goals, dreams and aspirations.
I choose to positively influence the present and future developments that God has chosen for myself, family, associates and the organizations I am associated with. I choose to lead by example. I choose action to assist others to learn, to grow beyond their current bounds, and for them to be the best they are. I choose to always be a TEAM player and to do whatever is best for the TEAM, while honoring my self.
My money is a tool to accomplish positive results and invoke positive results. I choose financial independence and to live and be debt free. I choose to spend less than I earn and regularly save or invest part of what I have. I give to causes I am passionate for, starting with the MissionG Foundation.
I choose to start with the end in mind and have a personal direction to guide all of my activities. Beginning with the end in mind, I am choosing direction of my own life and providing meaning to the actions I choose every day.
To always remember, I control three things. My Thoughts. My Words and My Actions. I choose to create a life of self-fullness and to live with purpose, on purpose and for purpose!