There are two general types of master mind alliances. One type is for purely social or personal reasons, consisting of one’s relatives, friends and religious advisors, where no material gain is sought. The other type is the occupational, business or professional alliance consisting of individuals who have a motive of a material or financial nature – in other words, an economic alliance designed to help you sell your personal services, your skill, your ability, or to help you succeed in business.
Educational Activity. No man is ever through learning. If your major purpose in life is aimed above the average, you must continue to learn from every possible source, and especially where you can acquire knowledge particularly related to your purpose. Books in the public library make available to you the entire accumulated experience of mankind all highly organized and presented to you in concise forms. All they require of you in return is your effort in reading and studying them. Another source of knowledge and information too often overlooked is found in your daily life. By carefully choosing your friends and associates you can acquire a liberal education in a variety of subjects by the very enjoyable medium of conversation. This is a rich source of help, and one that you can tap by carefully selecting a social master mind group who will find the exchange mutually beneficial.
Religious Activity. We advocate no specific religion, but recognize the value of the contacts one may make in associating with church groups. These spiritual experiences enrich life, and the church or synagogue brings people together under favorable and harmonious circumstances. Often an alliance with members of your religious faith can be of immeasurable service to you in the furtherance of your definite major purpose.
Political Activity. Since the preservation of our privilege of becoming self-determining depends largely on keeping our government as it was intended to be, every citizen has a solemn responsibility to become informed on the political issues of the day and to vote intelligently. Political affiliation is also a source of contact which is often quite valuable.
Social Activity. This is a way to become acquainted with people with whom you can enjoy an exchange of helpful ideas. Here is where your wife or husband can be of tremendous assistance to you. A mind – to remain brilliant, alert, receptive and flexible – must constantly have the companionship of other minds. The medium of the master mind fulfills this requirement as nothing else can.
An Economic Alliance. No man can achieve greatness alone. Every outstanding success is based on cooperative effort. For instance, take the modern transportation and communication systems which cover our nation. They offer services which have never been achieved elsewhere. Using the principle of the master mind, they have combined all the resources necessary to implement and maintain elaborate organizations, coordinating the efforts of thousands of men and women for a single purpose.
Source:  PMA Science of Success. Educational Edition. The Napoleon Hill Foundation. 1983. Pgs. 73-74.