Anyone who’s seen Tony Robbins on stage has asked, “How the heck does he do it?” How is it possible that this one man can not only speak on stage for days at a time at events, but very often leave that stage and immediately head to the next one, just in time to start another event? Not to mention that he finds time to produce products, create and run businesses, and have a fulfilling family life! The secret doesn’t come in a bottle or a pill, it’s not a miracle cure or an energy shot; what makes it possible for Tony to maintain the unbelievably high energy level you see on stage, is that he believes in a balanced approach to health and vitality. He takes care of his physical body, through excellent nutrition and exercise regimens, but he also knows that it’s important to maintain the strength of another set of muscles—the emotional muscles. And that’s where a lot of people miss out on experiencing the most of life, they forget to tighten, strengthen, and tone their emotions while they focus on biceps and quads.
Today our world is in a frenetic spin. Thousands of daily responsibilities and pressures take a tremendous toll on our physical bodies, greatly affecting our energy levels. This is a vicious circle we put ourselves into because the careers and lifestyle we choose demand high energy, yet that very vibrancy is what most people severely lack.
We all know that maintaining high energy is key to keeping a body healthy and a mind sharp. We’ve heard that stress ills and eventually kills. We know we need a balance as the lines between work and play, home and office bleed into a single puddle of exhaustion, burnout and an utter breakdown.
But how the heck do we achieve that?
There are many possible solutions that might help increase energy for short periods of time: such as caffeine and sugar. The thing is that if you rely solely on one or two things, it’s just not going to work in the long haul. For instance, say you drank coffee and took vitamins, but didn’t bother to get much sleep or take an occasional walk around the block here and there. Coffee and vitamins can only go so far. Yes, it all goes back to that balance thing again.
Maintaining a healthy body means maintaining a healthy mindset. There is no way that one can happen without the other. You’ve got to switch the juice on at the brain and let it run through your arms and legs, heart and soul, career and lifestyle.
One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to direct the focus of your mind toward empowering thoughts so that it can heal your body instead of weakening it. Yes, you’ve heard that before, but really think about putting it into action in these practical ways today, right now:
Pay Inside Attention
What you say to yourself can make or break you from the inside out. Even just focusing your language on words that describe the gratitude you have in your life, rather than how much you have to get done today, will creative a tremendous shift in how you feel. Seriously. Try it. Try it now. Do it when you’re drinking your water and taking your vitamins. Do it while you’re peddling around the world on your stationary bike in the gym. Focus on gratitude. Focus on compassion. Reach deep inside for it because it’s there just waiting to come out.
Create an All-Encompassing Personalized Program. Put together a program that includes eating healthy, exercising and building a strong physiology for your physical and emotional body. Flex all those muscles and feed them well with the good stuff they need to sustain you during your special time on this planet. And it is special—don’t let the to-do lists and upwardly mobile mindset convince you otherwise.
Pick a Team
A support system can be very helpful in ensuring that you create a system that you can stick to. Rallying friends and family who support you is vital to your success— and is why, incidentally, you’re not the only person on earth. A coaching program is an excellent option to explore as well. After all, at the end of the day, you can never have too many people in your cheering section!