Friday, January 24, 2014

The Career Mindset —Change Your Limiting Beliefs!

Do you think you’re too old or too young to be considered for a particular position? Do you see yourself as inexperienced or overqualified for a position that would really get you excited about life again?
Stop that!
Instead of focusing on what you feel you can’t do and what you think you don’t have, focus on what you do bring to the table—it’s likely more than you think! If you raise your standards but don’t really believe you can meet them, you’ve already sabotaged yourself. Our beliefs are like unquestioned commands, telling us what we can and cannot do. They shape every action, thought and feeling we experience. Changing our beliefs is central to making any real and lasting changes in our lives. Without changing your beliefs, you can raise your standards as much as you like, but you’ll never have the conviction to back them up. How much would Gandhi have accomplished had he not believed in the power of nonviolent opposition with every fiber of his being? It was the congruence of his belief, which enabled him to meet challenges that would have slain a less committed man. Empowering beliefs, this sense of certainty, is the force behind all great success. The ideas are inside you—focus on them rather than on the beliefs that limit you.

Move Your Standards Higher
 No matter where you are right now, strive towards something higher. If you own your own business, think about ways to expand. If you work in a corporate office, think about new skills you could master that would make you even more valuable to your organization. The standards you set for yourself should be higher than the standards anyone else sets for you!

Change Your Strategy 
If you try something and it doesn’t work, what do you usually do? Most people give up surprisingly quickly—but it’s those who persevere that eventually do succeed. For example, did you know that Walt Disney went to more than 300 banks before he got the loan that helped him open Disneyland? It’s easy to imagine that people probably just laughed at him and his “crazy” idea of some fantasyland of fun. Thankfully, Walt used his creativity and trusted his vision even in the face of seemingly endless rejection.

The key to this kind of success and fulfillment is to figure out what it is you really want, focus on your outcome, and commit to doing whatever it takes to get there. How many times should you change your strategy? As many times as it takes to achieve your outcome!
Use a life management system that helps you avoid the pitfalls of to-do lists and, instead, focus on the actual outcome you want and why it is that you want it.  This can help you coordinate and organize your life in a way that allows for constant attention to how you can CANI your career, your business, and your personal life, all in one simple system.

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