“But, you are – right now (pause) – if you are following ‘the formula.’”
“So, what’s this formula?”
The formula that produces a 98% Failure Rate is:
Go to school, study hard, get good grades, get a degree, and get a good JOB. Isn’t this what we’re all taught from the time we’re young?
It’s a formula that produces a 98% failure rate.
According to the Social Security Administration, out of every 100 people who reach the age 65:
45% are financially dependent on relatives
 30% live on charity
 23% still work only 2% are self-sustaining in retirement
As you can see, following this formula that most everyone follows, produces a 98% failure rate. These stats come directly from our own Governmental agency.
I believe the our business model is a better way!
We have people in the company who, after only short period of consistent, persistent effort are earning BIG MONEY – much more than they could ever earn working a JOB. I’m talking $100,000 a year and some people FIVE TIMES that! They also have a business that gives them control of their time. Time to wake up when they want, spend time with family, travel, own their dream home, and have a completely secure retirement.
So why would anyone want to work for 40+ years, at a JOB they hate, for a small income – with a 98% chance of financial failure at retirement when they could work within the Business Model for 2-5 years and retire financially independent with a six-figure income for life? Don’t ask me!
In addition to the time and the money, our compay provides many intangible benefits you can be proud of. We are helping people with a life changing product, helpingothers develop financial security, and making new friends around the world. This is MORE THAN A BUSINESS – IT’S A LIFESTYLE. When you get that down you’ll be a massive success.
The security, the peace of mind, and the principals and values to live by are amazing. I would encourage all to realize that this is so very much more than “just a business.”
I hope you REJECT the parachute I talked about earlier and help other ambitious, intelligent people to REJECT it as well. There is a much better way.
We’ll hope to see you on the beaches of the world…