Simply G Media Network today announced the release of an interview with Body VI Champion Crystal McCarthy on The Simply G Radio Show with host Neil Haley, the Total Tutor.

Neil Haley, The Total Tutor host of the Simply G Radio show, interviewed Crystal McCarthy to find out how she joined the Project 10 Challenge and why she promotes the 90 Day Challenge.
McCarthy, a 35-year-old stay at home mom of 2 boys, was named the “Body By Vi Champion.” And it all started when a family member challenged her to lose weight.
“The Project 10 Challenge has transformed my life,” McCarthy said.
In the interview, McCarthy, whose boys are three and seven years old, respectively, said she was tired all the time. She was not an active participant in her life. She has been struggling with her weight. McCarthy tried many diets and exercise programs, but none worked—until she was introduced to the challenge.
A person close to her came over to her house and mixed her a Body By Vi shake. She started to see a difference in her energy level and, over time, lost 55 pounds.
“I lost 20 pounds without exercise,” said McCarthy, who, at the time, thought running a 5K was not possible for her. Each time she got on the treadmill, she ran a mile and cried. “I finished the challenge and still despised running.”
She finished a Body By Vi challenge and her friends kept telling her to enter the online competition. She jumped online and entered quickly. When they announced that she was a finalist, she said she was thrilled. The real shock came to McCarthy when she was named the active female champion.
McCarthy, who is also a Regional Director with ViSalus, now wants to help others. She said she wants people to believe in themselves and to reach out to her. She wants to show others that if she did it, they are able to do it too.
Vi 5 Star Ambassador and ViMllionaire GJ Reynolds said, “Crystal was challenged and accepted the challenge, She now wants others to do the same. She sees that she is a walking billboard to help transform other people’s lives.”
McCarthy’s journey has led her to become a promoter of the Challenge. She has had success and, as a reward, now has a brand new BMW thanks to her work with Visalus. “What an amazing journey,” said McCarthy.