Neil Haley, The Total Tutor host of the Simply G Radio show, interviewed Rachel Groves to find out about her business and why she promotes the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge.
Groves is a Vi Rising Star Director and a stay at home mother. In the interview Groves explained that she decided to join the Challenge because she had physical problems after the birth of her daughter. She was looking for a way to get healthier, as she had no energy to play with her child or even go the mailbox. Her sister introduced her to the Challenge.
According to Groves, taking part in the Challenge has transformed her body and her life. When she got on the product, her goal was to lose 20 pounds. She dropped 15 pounds in the first 30 days. She had energy to clean her house. In first 90 days, she was able to improve her workout from 20 minutes a day on the treadmill to 8 miles a day. Now she is even smaller than she was in high school and has more energy to accomplish anything. She said now her three old can’t even keep up with her.
Groves explained that because the Challenge helped her feel better about herself, she now wants to share the Challenge with the world. She went from customer to promoter of the 90-Day Challenge in a matter of weeks.
“When I first started I had a challenge party and had 15 people sign up,” said Groves. “You can help save lives. You are working for a company who truly cares about people. It is about the mission.”
SimplyG CEO GJ Reynolds said, “Rachel is what the the challenge is all about. Her personal transformation is ‘life changing’ and has so much impact on so many others! I am so proud of Rachel on her commitment to the stay the course on the challenge.”
On the show Groves explained that she is super excited about the launch of the Challenge in Europe. She had to make two Facebook accounts to communicate her message to both the North America and Europe. She is able to document her challenge on Facebook