Simply G Media Network today announces the release of an interview with CEO of Simply G, GJ Reynolds, on Simply G Radio Show with host Neil Haley, the Total Tutor.

Neil Haley, The Total Tutor host of the Simply G Radio Show, interviewed GJ Reynolds to discuss his upcoming “invasion” to Europe, why he’s doing it and where his travels will take him.
Reynolds is an original Founding Member in the company ViSalus, 5 Star Ambassador, VI Millionaire, and CEO of Simply G Media. He is the author of “The Playful and Powerful Warrior within You!” (2011). Reynolds has worked out for over 900 consecutive days straight and won the Dale Brown Challenge.
In this interview, Reynolds talked about how he will be traveling to 11 cities in 10 days. He is calling his trip G’s Invasion.
“We had the British Invasion is the 60’s,” Reynolds said. “Now we have G’s Invasion in 2014.” He said the invasion will take him all over the UK and then Germany. According to Reynolds, this is key for the continued growth of his company.
“We have been able to expand globally,” Reynolds continued. “This year we opened up Germany and Austria. We are looking to expand to more countries very soon.”
One major goal of this trip, Reynolds explained, is to meet promoters and customers in all of the UK as well as meeting others who are able to join him on The Project 10 Challenge and help throughout the four cities he’s visiting in Germany. He also said that “invading” Europe isn’t his only goal.
“I choose to travel the entire globe,” Reynolds said. “I’ve lived in the Far East and I have never been to Europe. I am excited to transform and empower a billion people globally. I choose to challenge and have impact for anyone choosing to transform their life, health, and prosperity.
Reynolds will be traveling to the following cities in the United Kingdom: Reading, South Hampton, Cornwall, Taunton, Thompson, York, New Castle. In Germany, he will be traveling to Stuttgart, Frankfort, Dusseldorf, and Hanover.