Succeed By Design:  Habits and Consistency

Believe in Yourself and Whisk Away Limiting Habits of Your Mind
Beliefs about yourself hold you back.  “I can’t do this because …” “I’m not good enough because …” You will learn step-by-step how to change these self-limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in old patterns of behavior, and keep you from moving forward and living the life of your dreams.
Follow Through with Unwavering Consistency: Hardwire inner drive and amazing self-discipline                                                 No one likes self-discipline.  Everyone requires self-discipline.  Look at how you are already having amazing self-discipline in some areas of your life.  See how easy it is to be able to have self-discipline into any part of your life.
Self-discipline is more than self-control. It is a process of being focused on your intentions, values, actions, and habits, to create the life you choose to live.  You are able and I believe in YOU!
 Lessons Learned From Napoleon Hill!
Experience: G spent five years in the U.S. Army as a satellite communications specialist where he was a sergeant. He graduated from Mid America Nazarene University with a bachelor of arts in management of human resources. G also spent five years in the corporate world as a telecommunications specialist and regional manager. All three companies he worked for in the telecommunications industry were acquired and/or merged together and became what is now Verizon.
G became an entrepreneur in 1991 and since then has owned or operated several successful telecommunications, direct sales, marketing, and development companies.  In 2002 he also started a NASCAR sanctioned truck team, with his partners. He has led the entire operations for several of these companies, which have assisted other entrepreneurs in telecommunications, sales and marketing, market research, business plan development, and funding. These companies have yielded billions of dollars in revenues. G has also assembled, trained, lead, coached, and mentored sales and marketing teams of two to over 100,000.
G co-founded BeachLifestyle, a community on how to live the BeachLifestyle.  In 2012 BeachLifestyle transitioned to the Simply G Media Network.   The network has a variety of programming and has an international reach both via the Internet and syndicated terrestrial radio stations.  The network continues to grow and has monthly listening audience in excess of several million listeners.