Work With Your Team
 Golden Rule Key to Cooperation
by Napoleon Hill

There are two kinds of cooperation. One is based on the motive of fear or need. The other is based upon voluntary willingness. Cooperation is indispensable in your home, in your job, in your social life. It is an absolute necessity in our form of government and system of free enterprise.
Teamwork can be acquired only by establishing the proper motive to induce friendly coordination of effort.
Andrew Carnegie’s method of inspiring teamwork has never been improved upon.
First, he established a monetary motive through promotions and bonuses to suit each individual’s job, designed so that a part of the individual’s income depended on the sort of service he rendered.
Second, he never reprimanded any employee openly. But he caused the employee tor reprimand himself, by asking carefully directed questions.
Third, he never made decisions for his executives. He encouraged them to make their own and to be responsible for the results.
Upper Level Success
Success on the upper levels of achievement is attained only by teamwork. This means giving cooperation as well as receiving it. Selfish leaders will get little cooperation from their subordinates because cooperation is something like love in that one must give it in order to get it.
Source: Napoleon Hill in The News! Napoleon Hill Foundation. 2014. Pgs.161-162.