Friday, December 28, 2012

A Collection of Thoughts On Life-Part 3

God will never let anything come your way that you and he together can't handle.

My greatness lies in refusing to be discouraged by failures, limitation, or slow visible progress. One day I will be ready for graces, far beyond my present expectations. This is a lesson that comes slowly to many people. They have too little patience with their nature's pace. They are too easily discouraged by their partial success or repeated failures. In their immaturity, they are not willing to continue their efforts with slow visible progress. They grow tired of reading the same matter, thinking the same thoughts, striving for the same virtues and facing the same defects. They do not realize that as long as they are in this life, temptations will continue to face them.

If God seems far away, guess who moved?

Many people misjudge themselves, due to the ignorance of human nature. They believe that they should be able to keep perfect control over themselves, so that they may think only what they choose to think, feel only as they decide to feel, and do only as they freely intend to do. When their self-control is less than perfect in their emotions, imagination, thoughts or actions, they accuse themselves of malice and sin. They do not realize that these deeper tendencies and spontaneous activities are an integral part of human nature. This part is often beyond their control. It is governed by the instincts of self-preservation, self-expressions, and self-defense and modified by habits rising from past experiences. GOD's grace was not intended to destroy these tendencies, since they are necessary to normal human living. Grace can only help my attain some measure of control over them. This type of division within me does not destroy my moral integration and spiritual maturity. As long as I have a clear intention to follow God's priniciples, and make an intelligent effort to do so, I am morally integrated and a spiritual adult.

"God hate the sin but loves the sinner."

-Billy Graham

(An excerpt from Coach Dale Brown's Book: A Collection of Thoughts On Life, pg #142)

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