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Almost everyone dreams of ending life on a successful note and many who set out to achieve that goal often lack the road map to get there. One of the most effective ways to achieve what you choose in life, is to look for a mentor.

In 1972, I met Dale Brown the National Coach of the Year and Hall of Fame LSU Basketball coach. I was just eleven years old. He provided me with some of the most valuable skills I have asked for. Throughout my life, he shared many philosophies on basketball as well as on life. All of his teachings have had a major impact on the man I am today. He has been a coach, teacher, and mentor. Most importantly, he is one of my closest friends. Because of his mentorship and friendship.

Coach Dale Brown, along with other mentors, have made it possible to travel a road to success without falling into certain pitfalls along the way. Because they blazed the trail ahead. The use of a mentor has been invaluable and is one of the basic components that Napoleon Hill talks about in his book Think and Grow Rich.

Look for those who you choose to emulate or have what you choose and do what they do. Ask for their guidance and in most cases they will be happy to share it with you as well as provide accountability along the way. Mentors are one of the key components in success and are able to save you time and pain when you follow their guidance and do as they suggest. The road may be bumpy at times, however it is definitely worthwhile in the journey one sets out on. Mentors like Coach Dale Brown have become invaluable in my journey and have made all the difference in reaching the goals I set out to accomplish.

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