Saturday, December 29, 2012

Having Integrity to Have Success

Here is are two empowering questions to routinely ask, "I wonder, have I let my integrity slip in order to succeed? Have there been times that I was willing to look the other way or choose the easy way out, in order to avoid conflict or to gain acceptance?"

Every day we are offered opportunities to sacrifice our integrity on issues that may be of the utmost importance or on ones that appear insignificant. Without our integrity, there is no way that we are able to feel good about ourselves. Success and loss of integrity are "not" synonymous. In fact, true success requires great integrity.

These “little” incidents of integrity slippage eat away at us like termites. How important it is to stop and choose to look at the decisions we have made! What a relief it is to know that our valued integrity is there deep within us and that we are able to reconnect with it a moment’s notice.

Checking for possible slips in integrity allows you to feel better about yourself.

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