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All too often we are caught up in one of two situations. We either are caught up in our past thinking about mistakes that we have made and defining ourselves by that, or past accomplishments and defining ourselves by that. The other scenario that many find them in, is focusing on the future.

What is more important and what those that are truly successful do is live in the moment. It is easy to be caught looking in the rear view mirror at our past or with all of our attention on the future. By staying in the moment we are able to give all of ourselves to what we are doing. We perform better in the moment, because we have more clarity and focus. It is easy to be caught looking ahead, when we do that, we lose the ability to appreciate the real journey towards our destination. Staying in the moment is crucial in being authentic and it is probably the most difficult challenge we face. By staying in the moment we are able to relieve stress and truly enjoy what we have and are doing.

Choose time to "be" in the experience, instead of constantly looking ahead. Life will create a whole new dimension, when we stay in the moment. Enjoyment is at its fullest in the moment and experiencing what you are doing.

Enjoy this very moment!

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