Monday, December 17, 2012

Why Network Marketing?

Why Network Marketing?

It has long been considered that the only way to get ahead in the world was to get into a good college, graduate, and enroll in a corporation where you would spend the next 40 years climbing the corporate ladder. Building the dream of those at the top of the mountain.

There is now a shift in the workforce. This mindset is beginning to change, as we face a greater desire for financial freedom and also in regards to time freedom. One option that is gaining tremendous momentum is that of Network Marketing. Although there are some who still believe these types of operations scams, or are a lot of smoke and mirrors. The numbers point to something different. Network marketing is simply the best option has, who chooses the ability to be their own boss, remove the limits of what is able to be earned from a financial standpoint and build your own dream.

Network marketing is hard work and is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. For those that want true freedom and understand the concept of residual income this is the best way to go about it. The rewards are bountiful both in terms of financial and freedom of time. This year alone there will be more millionaires made from Network Marketing than any other occupation in the world, including large corporations like Microsoft, Google or Face book. Network marketing is the wave of the future for millions who choose true freedom from the workforce and peace of mind.

for over twenty years. I have owned and operated multiple businesses and also been a part of two primary Network Marketing companies. Those who choose to use the fundamental laws and principles in their business, whether it is a traditional business or a network marketing business, the same principles apply. The fundamentals of business are the fundamentals that work, regardless of the business model.

The horror stories of the Network Marketing industry are many times true. However, why are they true? In most cases people are never taught the fundamental laws and principles of running their new found business. Unless they apply these fundamentals, they are surely going to have a tough time being successful. Then there are the companies who have let the distributors down. Why? In most cases the owners themselves fail to apply the necessary fundamentals of growing a business. I could go on and on.

Network Marketing works, when the correct fundamentals are applied. It is also the easiest form of business to be involved in and with the least amount of financial risk. Most traditional businesses will cost tens of thousands to millions of dollars to get started, with no guarantee of a financial return and if there is a financial break even return, it is typically years away.

Network marketing works. It is a global platform and one with the right mentorship and the right training, is one that is able to provide a great way to choose control of your own financial and personal economy!

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