Sunday, December 1, 2013

Discover Resources for Your Success By: Darren Hardy-Part #3/3

18. Good Dress Shoes. What item of clothing says more about you than anything else? Your shoes. It’s true! You can tell a lot about a person by his or her shoes. The quality, style and how you care for them sheds light on your choices and care about other areas of your life. Look down at your shoes right now. What kind of statement are they making to the world about you? Time to go shopping?

19. High-Speed Wireless Router. Who are these people still on a dial-up? That’s a little like using Morse code after the telephone was invented. Get high-speed broadband access—cable, satellite, DSL (or at least No. 21 below)—and then connect to a highspeed wireless router so you aren’t confined.

Those with the best reviews seem to be: D-Link, NETGEAR, Linksys and Apple AirPort Extreme®.

20. Pocket-size Camera. Document and share your entire life journey captured on photos and videos. I recommend buying a pocket-size camera (with video function) that you carry around with you, consistently journaling your experiences.

You can share them with friends and family on services like,, and Shutterfly. com. Top pocket-size camera models: Canon PowerShot™ SD790 IS, Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 and Sony’s Cybershot ® DSC-W300.

21. Wireless Laptop Mobile Card. Connect to the world anytime, anywhere. I love my Verizon mobile card. It allows me to be virtual anywhere.

Top mobile cards are Verizon, Sprint and AT&T. You can also make all phone calls (,,, faxes ( and even mail ( completely virtual.

22. News Aggregator/Reader (RSS). It’s important to stay current on happenings in the world. Keeping up can overwhelm you or command too much of your attention. One of the best Web inventions enables us to personalize news, straining out all the noise and feeding you exactly what you are interested in and what you need to stay on top of your game. It’s like your own personal newspaper. You can set up an interest page at,, Pagefl or a desktop reader like Google Reader, Bloglines, NetNewswire and

23. Breath Mints. Hey, someone had to say it! Nothing will repel people from you faster than a piercing vapor expelled every time your mouth moves.

24. Assistant—On-Site or Virtual. Here is why you want to hire an assistant: How much money do you want to earn in a year? Let’s say $200,000. Accounting for a two week vacation, 50 workweeks a year, even at 50 hours a week, your time has to earn $80 an hour. You cannot afford to do tasks that are not worth $80 an hour in value. Paying bills, cleaning, picking up dry cleaning and filing are not $80-an-hour tasks. If you do them, that’s what it will cost you.

You can hire a part-time bookkeeper/personal assistant for $15-20 an hour to perform these lesser-skilled functions so you can stay focused on high-value activities or have time to relax and regenerate. You can find a virtual assistant through the International Virtual Assistants Association:; or through, or

25. Online Florist. A happy spouse is a happy life. Flowers and gifts seem to warm the heart. Good also for moms, mothers-in-law, grandmas, friends, customers, prospects, employees, basically anyone with a heart. Get cozy with your online florist as flowers, dish gardens and gift baskets can be influential communicators.

26. Netflix/Blockbuster Online. Giving your brain and body some reprieve is important for productivity. I even want my entertainment to be as efficient as possible. The online DVD rental services are fantastic. I can easily search and sort through what I want, preselect it and it’s delivered to my doorstep without my thinking about it. I’ve always got a new movie to watch with zero hassle. Love it! Try or

27. Subscription to SUCCESS. Of course! Would you want the publisher of SUCCESS to not believe this publication was absolutely one of the most important resources you could possibly access to give you the competitive advantage in life? In fact, that’s SUCCESS Media’s mission statement: To be the most trusted source for success resources. Also, don’t forget for an endless supply of new ideas, resources and support for your success.

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Article By: Darren Hardy (Success Magazine)

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