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Zig Ziglar: Defining Success By: Erin K. Casey-Part #3

Action → Don’t confuse activity with accomplishment. You must have specific, clearly identified objectives. In the How to Stay Motivated audio program, Ziglar advises listeners to write down everything they want to do, be or have. Once you’ve created your list, pick five things you want to accomplish this year and outline a plan for each by defining daily, weekly and monthly targets. Then get started! 

Here is a great article I found about Zig Ziglar. Written by: Erin K. Casey in Success Magazine! This is part #3 of the article. 

Take a (Mental) Bath Every Day 

Getting motivated to improve in any one of these eight areas of life is relatively easy. But staying motivated enough to maintain the behaviors required to realize real change is challenging. 

Ziglar illustrates the point by recounting the story of going to the gym on Jan. 2 one year. Normally, finding a place to park wasn’t an issue, nor was finding an empty workout bench or treadmill. But on his first visit of the new year, he was forced to park at the back of the lot and had to wait in line to use the equipment. When he questioned the trainer at the front desk about the influx of patrons, he was told not to worry and that things would go back to normal in about three weeks. Sure enough, before three weeks had passed, there were once again plenty of vacant spaces in the parking lot and several empty workout benches. 

We are easily motivated to start a life-improvement project, but staying motivated takes work. Ziglar comments that people frequently complain to him that the effects of motivational seminars, books and audios don’t last. His response: “Neither does bathing; that’s why we recommend it daily.” 

In his Christian Motivation for Daily Living audio program, Ziglar references a study that indicates 80 percent of what our minds take in each day is negative. Be it from talk radio or what Ziglar refers to as the “income suppressant” (aka the television), or the gripes and sour attitudes of our friends, co-workers, family members and acquaintances, we are inundated with negative thoughts, comments and messages. We can spend a full day at a motivational seminar or sales conference and get pumped with enthusiasm. But, as soon as we step out into the “real world,” the onslaught of negativity is akin to having someone dump garbage into our freshly cleaned mind. 

“If I were to come into your home with a pail of garbage and dump it on your living room floor, we would have problems—fast,” Ziglar writes in See You at the Top. “The person who dumps garbage into your mind will do you considerably more harm than the person who dumps garbage on your floor, because each load of mind garbage negatively impacts your possibilities and lowers your expectations.” 

To offset the negativity and to stay motivated to reach our goals, continual affirmations and belief-building messages must be part of our daily routine. That’s why, in addition to practicing positive self-talk, Ziglar recommends listening to and reading motivational materials repeatedly and regularly. “You are what you are and where you are because of what’s gone into your mind,” he says. “You can change what you are, you can change where you are, by changing what goes into your mind.” 

Action → Block out 30 minutes a day (at a minimum) to read or listen to a positive, inspiring or motivational message. Doing so will help you stay committed to your goals and bolster your belief in your ability to achieve them. 

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