As good as the movie is, it has done a poor job, of providing the “How To”, harness the secret.  I first learned of many of the “Secret Laws”, upon reading the Holy Bible and Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”.   The book, “Think and Grow Rich”, is a book that I have read and carried with me for years.  Chapter One, “Thoughts are Things”.
Think about that for a moment, Thoughts Are Things!
I am a testament, of living a life that has truly been transcended, by my thought.  This has happened, by both my good and bad thoughts.  I want to share twelve “Secrets”, that I have used prior to “The Secret” coming out and from “The Secret” and how to apply them:
1. Make a list of things you are grateful for and add to it, on a daily basis.
2. Stop Talking and Thinking, about what you don’t like and don’t want.
3. Take a break from criticizing and blaming others!
4. Know that YOU are Deserving and worthy to HAVE anything and everything you might want, in life and from the universe.  The only difference between people who are living the life they want and those who aren’t, is their habitual ways of thinking!  You have the ability to change your mond, intantaniously.
5. Use your mind to visualize.  Rehearse in your mind, your future, FEEL it, EXPERIENCE it, LIVE it.  Visualize it happening NOW!  Start doing this daily, for at least ten minutes a day!  This is such a powerful exercise, for attainment!
6. When you recognize or sense an opportunity or impulse, that is in line with what you want,  Do Not Hesitate, To Act On It!
7. Focus on Prosperity.  Visualize it!  Write out a check to yourself, for the sum of money, you would like to have and carry it in your wallet or purse.  Review it often.
8. Improve your Health.  Health is a priority.  Free yourself of any past resentments or disappointments, you may be holding on to.  Instead, recall fun or funny moments, to help tou laugh your way back to health.  Feed your body and mind with good food, supplements and thoughts.
9. Create and set an intention, that you are going to see the best in everything and everyone.
10. Have Fun! This way of thinking and living should be filled with excitement and passion.  The more excitement and passion, the more fun that will exume!
11. Belief in yourself!  You Are A SUPERSTAR!  Never Give Up, for you Can Do It!
12. TAKE ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!