As some of you may know, (you can read one of my first blog entries, “My Story”, short version) I went through a bout with depression in 2000-2001.  Was suicide able too.  The grace of God saved me!  What also saved me, was all of those thoughts of the sayings from everyone I mentioned above!  You are good enough, you can do it!  Never ever give up!  Just practice the fundamentals!  These words kept coming into my spirit!  For gentlemen, you guys have assisted me in now being able to tell my story!!!!!!!!!!!
Back to the Law of Attraction!
Five years ago, I told one of my best friends, who happens to also be named Michael, The Arch Angel, that I wanted to assist others.  That my mission and cause was to tell my story.  I also told him that I wanted to connect to the people in my life that had provided inspiration for and to me!  I let him know of the people mentioned above!  He said, “G that will happen for you!”
Two years ago, almost to the day, I was at the Bellagio Hotel and I recognize Coach Dale Brown.  I fastly walked up to him and let him know how he knew me and how we had had a 30+ year relationship.  I also told him how he had had a major impact on me.  We ended up going up to his room, where he presented me with his new book, Memoirs of LSU Basketball, signed it and inscribed to never ever give up!  He also said they should not of cut me from the Tiger Tykes!   He also invited me to come to Baton Rouge and he would take me to lunch and provide me with some real LSU basketball memorabilia!
Wow, The Law of Attraction at work!
To the present! Two days ago, I receive not one, but two separate emails from PathConnect Business Development, of which I have been a part of.  The first email said, “I am trying to get in contact with GJ Reynolds. Would you be so kind to send me his e-mail.Thank you.  Dale Brown Former LSU Basketball Coach.”The second one came moments later!  It said, “Dear GJ, Dale Brown called me re this site. I am in, if possible. we are blazing trails. Ed Palubinskas shooting surgeon Best swishes.”Yes two of my heroes found me!  They were wanting to contact me!  They were just as anxious to talk to me, as I was to talk to them!   Praise the Lord!You see, Coach Dale Brown  was googling something, which led to an article, which led to my PathConnect site!  By reading my Heroes and Icons section, you will see, these people mentioned above are listed!
For the past two days, I have been communicating with “The Shooting Surgeon”  Eddie Palubinskas.  Two time Olympian, Olympic scoring Record Holder,  basketball coach at all levels and #1 Free Throw shooter in the world!
Last night, I had the privilege of receiving a call from Coach, himself.  We spoke for an hour!  We played catch up!  We talked about where we are at and where we are going!  Many similarities and life occurrences!  WOW!  He is also very close to my other favorite Coach, Coach Wooden!   I told him we were talking, because of divine intervention!  I told him we would be sharing the stage and telling others how to operate at a higher level.  I am speaking it!  Thoughts are things!
For those of you reading this,  use this as a lesson,  to put out your intentions you so desire.   Not what you do not want!  What You Want!  Speak it, Write it and Think it!
Success to all!  Thanks Ryan for creating PathConnect.  Paths do connect on PathConnect!  Thanks Coach and Thanks to each of the original “Hustlers”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GJ Reynolds