Let the Story Move You Into Action: People always ask me, “G, how can I build a business like you’ve got?” A lot of times they don’t understand that the “why” is just as important as the “how-to.” In this business the “why” is so important because it gives people belief. All it takes is a good success story to show that everybody who builds this business, including myself, have faced adversity at one time or another, and those who really want to succeed will stick with it until their challenges are beaten. People who are having a hard time getting their business off the ground say to their mentors, “Well, you wouldn’t understand what I’m going through. You’re not where I’m at. You’re already successful.” Not true. The mentors were there themselves, or somewhere even worse. It’s not until people hear stories from some of the most renowned businesspeople, politicians, entertainers, professionals, or ministers that they realize these people went through the same obstacles, when they were starting out. The majority of stories you’ll hear from people in this business are about success, was achieved in the face of adversity, and that’s why they’re so special. On any given subject, you don’t have to go very far to find tons of whiners. You see, negative people will tell a hard-luck story just for the sake of complaining. Instead of learning from their mistakes, they’d rather complain to anybody and everybody about how their failure was somebody else’s fault. On the other hand, the stories you hear in this business start off as hard-luck stories and then turn into stories of success. That’s because winners don’t quit when they encounter one failure or two failures or ten or twenty. Some people make excuses; other people make decisions. But you can’t make them both. A good success story empowers you to overcome your own challenges, but a good success story isn’t enough. You have to empower yourself to apply the knowledge you learn from the story to your own life. It’s your choice. You set your priorities. If you want to empower yourself you’ve got to realize you’re in charge. You can hear the greatest story in the world or have the greatest Business Support Team in the world and they still can’t make you do something you’ve decided you’re not going to do. Until you believe in yourself enough to empower yourself to do what it takes to succeed, the message won’t matter.  There’s nothing better for building belief than a good success story. The “how-to” is important in this business, it’s the “WHY” that will make you want to learn the “how-to.” Your Business Support Team can supply you with both, you have the freedom to choose your own destiny. You have to have a partnership with them in your empowerment. Failure exists because people don’t understand the power of empowerment. Why not empower yourself to choose a life better than the rest?
Go after your WHY and don’t take your dreams, goals and aspirations to the grave!  You deserve it!