Thanks Eddie for being an elderly friend!  Mike thanks for your strength, sportsmanship and style.  Thanks for showing me, that being the team’s top defender could be glorious!  I modeled my game after both of you and that of “Pistol Pete”  I always wore number 10 and when that was not available, I wore 33.  I named my first son Michael, yes after Mike Darnall!!!
Carl Seiner was just a great guy!  He was primarily a back-up role player.  In my mind, he was a star!  He was always happy and made a point to say hi to me!  I tried out for the original Tiger Tykes, made it to the final cut (hundreds tried out, from all across Louisiana .  I should have made it, however,  I got syked out and could not even make a simple layup.  Carl was in charge of my station and he took me aside and told me I was good enough to make it and to just settle down.  “You can do it”, he said.  “I am pulling for you!”
Although I did not make it, he provided a simple belief that I was good enough!  Afterwards, he said, “You are good enough to make it and with a little more practice, you will make it next year!”   I did not get the chance to try out the next year, because we moved to Kansas.  Those words have always stayed with me, “You can do it!”  You are good enough!  I am pulling for you!
Thanks Carl for pulling me aside and helping me out!  I knew in my heart then, you were pulling for me!
Collis Temple was my first minority hero.  He was the very first Black player, to play at LSU!  Although I never got as close to him as I did Eddie, Mike and Carl, he was always cordial and showed me that color did not make the man, heart and character did!  He was a solid physical talent and he was competitive!  He was a hustler!  He had the team’s back!  As displayed in that Vanderbilt game, when Wade Evans was in trouble.  Wow.  Thanks Collis for what you showed me from afar!