Simply G Media Network today announces the release of the interview with the CEO GJ Reynolds of the Simply G Media Network, on the BeachLifestyle Radio Show with host Neil Haley, the Total Tutor.

Neil Haley, The Total Tutor host of the BeachLifestyle Radio show, interviewed GJ Reynolds to find out what radio shows will be a part of The Simply G Media Network and where people are able to listen to the network.
The different shows on The Total Education Network that are able to be heard on the Simply G Media Network include: Authors Corner, Total Education Celebrity Show, Total Education Q and A, Total Tutor Show, Total Education Hour, Total Education News, and Total Education Spotlight Show.
“This is a great partnership that has huge possibilities,” Haley said when discussing the partnership between the Total Education Network and the BeachLifestyle Radio Show. “Many People in the media are afraid to discuss what is going on in education. They believe it is too controversial.”
Reynolds added “We touched on topics people are interested in hearing. We provide great content that is usable for our followers, listeners and audience. Our lineup will impact listeners lives, health and prosperity.”
In the interview, Reynolds also discussed that the BeachLifestyle Radio Show will be on the Simply G Media Network and how his goal is to impact 1 billion lives globally. You are able to go listen to the Simply G Media Network by going to
“This platform will be able educate people from birth to adulthood in all areas the life, with this network.” Haley said.
Reynolds is an original equity holder in the company Visalus, a Five-Star Ambassador, Vi Millionaire, and CEO of Simply G Media. He is the author of The Playful & Powerful Warrior Within You! and is well known for completing a minimum of 2 miles per day for over 800 days straight and winning the Dale Brown Challenge.