Perhaps the greatest alliance any man can ever make is with his wife. If you have complete singleness of purpose with the woman you marry, there is nothing in which you cannot succeed. If you lack this harmony in your home, you might as well face the fact that you have a few strikes against you. And this works both ways. Ladies, you must have the harmony and cooperation of your husband, to lighten the burden of your work in life. It must be a two-way arrangement.
Our first advice is to the young man not yet married, since a man usually does the proposing. You should have a series of very frank discussions with your prospective partner, covering the fundamentals of marriage. Explain how you intend to make a living and be sure she approves of your chosen occupation or profession and your methods of following it. After the honeymoon is over, you will face the reality of the practical side of marriage. The sensible approach, then, is to consider these realities beforehand.
Man’s greatest master mind alliance is that with the woman he loves and that is why it is so essential to nourish that love by keeping the spark of romance alive. The thrill of romance takes drudgery from toil. It raises the thoughts of the humblest worker to the status of genius. It drives away discouragement and replaces it with definiteness of purpose. It transforms poverty into a mighty stimulus and irresistible power for achievement. It is the very essence of enthusiasm and it fires the imagination and forces it to creative action.
Source: PMA Science of Success Course. The Napoleon Hill Foundation. 1961. Pgs. 67, 68, & 69.