Here is one of the stories Carnegie told about his master mind alliance. It shows the vital importance of the element of harmony, which has previously been pointed out in our consideration of the major points of the master mind principle.
Mr. Carnegie decided he wanted the best trained man he could find for his chief chemist, so he sent a scout to comb the world to find him. The scout finally found the one he thought would be satisfactory. He was in the great Krupp Steel Works in Germany. Carnegie entered into a contract with him on a five year basis, but before the end of the first year he had to release him. The reason? He was temperamental; he could not work in harmony with the rest of the master mind alliance. He kept the other members of the alliance in an upheaval all the time. Mr. Carnegie soon realized that it would be fatal to keep such a man on his payroll, so he paid him and sent him back home.
Mr. Carnegie said that one man with a negative mental attitude turned loose in a factory of a thousand people could discolor the minds of the rest of them without saying a word. That statement, from so astute a judge of human character as Andrew Carnegie, is worthy of our examination. Think about it!
Source: PMA Science of Success Course. The Napoleon Hill Foundation. 1961. Pgs. 60.