Neil Haley, The Total Tutor host of the Simply G Radio show, interviewed Antonio V Wright to find out his story and why he wrote his book.
Wright said his debut effort, From a Label to a Brand, was written to inspire others to persevere in the face of all (small and life-altering) challenges, by continuing to focus on goals and believe beyond belief. His stories about hope, tragedy, camaraderie, and sports throughout Wright’s life offer a cozy nostalgia that invites readers to introspective trips down memory lane.
On The Simply G Radio Show, Wright said that he always wanted to be a college football player. He wanted to get his degree so he can better himself, as he believe graduating from college would be his way out of poverty.
Wright discussed his high school football career. During his senior year, Wright led the city in tackles. He did not get recruited to play college football and, after trying out year after year, he got cut from his college team three times. So, he played junior college football. He excelled there so he decided to play for his dream Division 1 team Jackson State.
During the interview, Wright shared about how his life changed when he was in a devastating a car accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Wright admits that had he not been wearing his seatbelt, he likely would have died.
“Your entire life changes completely and everything you know in life is gone” Wright said. “You cannot feel your legs, you are not able to walk, and your daily life changes.”
“Thankfully I had a great foundation from watching my mother go through the difficult experiences she went through. ” continued Wright. “She had challenges and always moved forward. I never got depressed, and just thought, so this is the next challenge.”
Wright also discussed how he grew and recovered, physically and socially after the injury. He started driving one month after his injury and, three months later, he learned to play wheelchair basketball. He was coaching football the following year. A year later he went back to college. He received his degree. He also became strength and conditioning coach for Jackson State University.
Simply G Media CEO GJ Reynolds shared this, “Antonio is the most positive human being he knows. Antonio turned a tragic event into a powerful platform to assist and inspire others to transform their life. Antonio is such a great man and a loving one at that. He loves people and everyone he meets becomes his friend! I am inspired by him in so many ways! I am honored to know him and to call him my brother!!! I love Antonio!!!”
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