Wednesday, November 6, 2013

10 Uncommon, Common Sense Commandments For Life And Business By: Ryan Blair-Part #1

4. Let the porpoises talk to porpoises. 

Bob Goergen gave this one to me. When I was a novice CEO, I was sitting in a boardroom one time trying to have detailed discussions with the attorneys, which led to lots of complicated questions. Bob, sage that he is, said to me, “Ryan, let the porpoises talk to porpoises.” What he meant was, let the attorneys talk amongst themselves and then they’ll explain it to you. There’s no point in spending your time trying to learn ‘porpoise’. 

If you think about it, the greatest thing that a salesperson can do is sound like the highest qualified expert on every subject. But sometimes that’s not the best strategy. At SkyPipeline, I could talk bits and bytes with the best of them. But if I was in the room with a CTO, or CIO, I let them talk amongst themselves. In other words, hold court on a variety of subjects, but when the experts are around, let the porpoises talk porpoise. 

5. When you see a lack of urgency, create an emergency. 

In other words…if your team lacks urgency, it will fail in an emergency. 

For example, I got a call one time that a competitor was meddling in one of my businesses. When the stakes are high, that’s when the snakes come out. If they can’t beat us, they’re going to try to defeat us with corporate espionage and unethical competitive practices. 

On a scale of 1-10, I’d say this was a threat level 4, and accordingly my team’s reaction was nonchalant, cavalier, and dismissive. I thought to myself, what if it had been a 10? So I said, “We’re treating this like it was a 10, and we’ll mobilize and deal with this immediately.” I made people cancel vacations and drop everything, because I saw a lack of urgency. And if it had been an emergency, we wouldn’t have been fortified to deal with it. 

Just like an army that needs to be battle tested, so does a company. 

6. “Remember that you are not safe. Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.”—Will Rogers 

One of my favorite quotes, and something to live by. Early in my career I read a book by Intel CEO Andy Grove called Only the Paranoid Survive. In order to be number one in your industry, if you’re in an industry worth being number one in, you need to be hyper vigilant to the point of paranoia to stay on the right track, more so than if you are on the wrong one. People will notice you’re headed the right direction, and success is like a blackboard—when you make your mark in the world, watch out for the guy behind you with the eraser. 

Article by: Ryan Blair in Forbes Magazine

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