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Discover Resources for Your Success By: Darren Hardy-Part #1/3

I am always looking for an edge—a faster, more efficient way to get more done. In the race of life, it’s not the giant leaps forward that result in victory; rather, it’s gaining little half-steps here and there that creates the great expanse between you and everyone else. Finding and mastering a few key resources can help give you a massive advantage… in the marketplace and in life.

Of all the resources in the world, what are the most crucial for gaining effi ciency, productivity and achievement? Now there are a lot of intangible answers—pertaining to attitude, philosophy, character, belief, faith, expectation, strategies, techniques, ideas, skills, behaviors—and we will reveal these over the many issues of SUCCESS. The objective of this article, however, is to identify the essential tools, technologies and resources to support your greater success.

1. List of Goals. The first step toward achieving your dreams and ambitions is to identify them. Hopes and dreams remain fantasies until you write them down and create a plan for achieving them.

2. Nutrition and Well-Being Plan. YOU are the most important person in your life, and your good health is your most important priority. People often list other priorities such as spouses, children, employees, customers, etc., above themselves and their health. If you are sick, or worse, dead, how good are you going to be to your spouse, children or customers? Take care of yourself first, so you can properly take care of everyone and everything that is most important to you.

3. Friends. We don’t get to pick our family, but we do get to pick our friends, and if you pick the right ones they can be instrumental in helping you achieve more in life.

4. Computer. In the early ’90s I remember saying, “The computer is the biggest disruption to productivity ever invented.” Wow, what a futurist, eh? I recommend getting the latest, fastest, baddest machine there is, fully equipped with the latest software. Now what if everything you did on it was just 5 percent faster than your old clunker? Think where you would be if you achieved just 5 percent more every day? The compounded result over a year would result in tens of thousands of dollars in increased output, thus income— so it is defi nitely worth the investment. Top laptop models: Dell™ XPS M1730, Alienware Area-51® m15x or MacBook® Pro.

5. Personal Reading/ Listening Library. I left college after one semester (not that I am endorsing it) to launch my entrepreneurial endeavors. Yet being a consummate student is the single greatest factor contributing to my success. My personal library of books, CDs and DVDs fills several rooms.

Every extraordinary achiever I meet or interview shares one discipline: being a continual learner. Go go to for the very best in personal development materials.

6. MP3 Player. After reading point No. 5, you might be asking yourself who has time to read, listen, watch and study? If you were listening to books on tape or other personal development/ skills improvement material, you could amass the equivalent of two semesters of college each year!

Top models: Apple® iPod, Creative Zen, Sansa® Fuze™ or iRiver Clix.

7. Ergonomic Office Chair. There are a few places where you spend more than 80 percent of all your time in life—in your bed, car and office chair. has a good selection.

8 Great Pillow & Bed. Another place you spend a tremendous amount of your life is in bed. Sleep is essential for vitality, health and high-energy productivity throughout the day. I love my Tempur-Pedic™ ComfortPillow (you can find it at Yes, this is a $125 pillow, but it’s supporting a head full of big ideas, dreams and aspirations, so it’s worth it!

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Article by: Darren Hardy (Success Magazine)

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