Thursday, November 28, 2013

Is Your Competition Tasteless? Four Ways To Out-Innovate. By: Ryan Blair-Part #2/2

2. Don’t steal ideas; steal the people who came up with them.

Behind every brilliant innovation in your industry are people—find them, and hire them. I’d rather spend a dollar on hiring the right people from my competitors, than a dollar on an attorney to fight a competitor.

3. The competition can copy us, but they just can’t catch us.

We all agree that outright copying is pretty tasteless, but we have to be good imitators to be good innovators. (How many times in the last decade have we seen ourselves held to Apple’s standards of simple, user-friendly interfaces and minimalist designs?) And most “innovations” are improvements on already existing inventions. Copying is inevitable. Obviously, defend your intellectual property and trademarks as best you can by all legal means, but there are a lot of things your competition will copy that you can’t defend against (I’ve literally heard my exact phrases come out of other CEOs mouths). They can’t copy culture, passion for the end user, and intelligence. So, let them steal your quotes, while you spend your energy getting ahead in other ways.

4. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

A lot of companies along the way have given me competitive anxiety, but generally, if you have a good business plan and a good team, companies that are simply cloning you will fall by the wayside. This year I’ve seen a few end up in the business graveyard. The company with the best products that provide the best value will have a better chance of survival. In the end, consumer’s demand wins out. So, pace yourself, because two years from now you won’t be dealing with the same tasteless imitators.

Article By: Ryan Blair (Forbes Magazine)

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