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How I Gained 23 Pounds of Lean Muscle in Just 90 Days! “I Told U So” By: Blake Mallen-Part #1

My dear friend Blake Mallen, who I have had the honor to work next to & help create the ViSalus Body By Vi Challenge with has taken his performance to the next level! Here is a blog he wrote about transforming his body to become a force to be reckoned with! Blake did the unthinkable by setting a BIG, BIG GOAL, and he obtained it within 90 Days! Here is his story: 

It’s extreme. I get it. “Can I gain 20 pounds of lean muscle in just 90 days?” 

When the idea struck, I’ll admit, I hadn’t quite thought it through. I didn’t know how hard it would be. I didn’t know what it entailed. And, when I told a friend about the idea, they thought it was pretty ridiculous, and told me, “Blake, that is physically impossible.” He told me there is no way I could do it. 

…I have always been up for a Challenge to prove “impossible” wrong. 

Of course, in the past, I’ve completed some pretty crazy Challenges—from competing in my first Olympic Triathlon to climbing Mt. Whitney, to doing a Tough Mudder in Beaver Creek, Colorado. But, these things are simple tests of tenacity. Declaring publicly that I was going to gain 20 pounds of lean muscle in 90 days (all naturally!), well, that Challenges the laws of nature. 

What’s possible? 

I don’t have an advantage in this Challenge. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not a big guy. I’m not one who had ever spent a lot of time pushing weights. And, I’m not a big eater. At the pace I’m used to running everyday, eating is something I often, quite frankly, forget to do. And, I’ve got a fast metabolism. So, when I saw what I’d have to do to make this Challenge a reality, I knew I would have to completely rearrange some habits to stand a chance at succeeding. 

What’s it gonna take? 

1. Heavy Lifting: So, it’s not as if I’m afraid of working out. I knew I’d need to put the work in. But, I also wasn’t just going to go hit the gym blindly and hope for the best. After all, I’m a strategist by nature. So I did my homework, and after researching all kinds of muscle-building programs, I decided to follow a philosophy called Occam’s Protocol. Basically, it required 45 minutes in the gym, twice a week, lifting heavy weights, at a slower pace (each repletion was performed with a 5-second count up and a 5-second count down), to point of failure. Only working out twice a week, for 45 minutes, sounds pretty simple right? Yea, I kinda thought the same thing… until my first workout ended with me completely blacking out on the gym lobby floor—literally. Talk about the old cliché of getting back up when you get knocked down! Check out this embarrassment → Passing Out on the Lobby Floor 

2. Food: If I thought the workout was hard, I was in for a big surprise. For me, the hardest part of this (by far!) was the diet—200 to 300 grams of protein every day. That’s 3 high-protein meals a day, 2-3 Body by Vi Shakes per day, and a 2-3 forced-snacking sessions in between each meal. Basically, I used the ViSalus Fit Kit, ate a lot of Nutri-Cookies, and added the ViPak every AM and PM. And, remember, this is all for a guy who had never made eating a priority. And, add to that, during my 90 Day Challenge, I was on the road for 45 of those days (in 22 cities and 4 different countries). Honestly, it may sound funny, but I think this was the hardest thing I’ve ever done—the eating. 

3. Prioritizing: The weight was heavy. Eating mass quantities of food is difficult. Making both of these a priority in my busy schedule had to become the focus. As with conquering any Challenge in life, success boils down to making your goal, and all the steps necessary to achieve that goal, an absolute priority. It amazes me how many people I meet who still haven’t made their personal goals a priority in their life. As many have heard me say, “You can live your life by your own design, or by default. Default rarely works in your favor.” 

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