Saturday, November 23, 2013

Habits of Growth by Napoleon Hill

The whole purpose of education, or so it should be at least, is to start the mind of the individual to growing and developing from within; to cause the mind to evolve and expand through constant changes in the thinking processes, so that the individual may eventually become acquainted with his own potential powers and thereby be capable of solving his personal problems. 

Evidence that this theory conforms with nature’s plans may be found in the fact that the better educated people of all times are those who graduate from the great UNIVERSITY OF HARD KNOCKS, through experiences which force them to develop and use their mind-power. 

The law of change is one of the greatest of all sources of education! Understand this truth and you will no longer oppose the changes which give you a wider scope of understanding of yourself and the world at large. And you will no longer resist nature’s breaking up of some of the habits you have formed which have not brought you peace of mind or material riches. 

The traits the Creator most emphatically frowns upon in human beings are complacency, self-satisfaction, procrastination, fear and self-imposed limitations, all of which carry heavy penalties which are exacted from those who indulge such traits. 

Through the law of change, man is forced to keep on growing. Whenever a nation, a business institution, or an individual, ceases to change and settles into a rut of routine habits, some mysterious power enters and smashes the setup, breaks up the old habits, lays the foundation for new and better habits. 

In everything and everyone the law of growth is through eternal change! 

Source: You Can Work Your Own Miracles. Random House. 1996. Pgs. 29-30.

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