Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Passkey to All Achievement-By: Napoleon Hill

by Napoleon Hill

Most of us are interested in getting some other member or members of the race to do that which we want them to do. We lie awake nights trying to think out schemes whereby we can get another person to do that which we want him to do. We know exactly how we could make a million dollars, or build a great business, or reduce the cost of living, or render mankind some other great service if—and that eternal if is this:

“If” we could get people to do that which we want them to do!

Seemingly, it has never occurred to most of us that there is an infallible method through which we can get other people to do that which we want them to do. Seemingly, it has never occurred to us that we can get other people to act toward us as we wish them to by simply acting that way toward them first and keeping it up until they respond!

Do you get the full significance of that which you have just read?

If you do, you are to be congratulated, because you will never again complain that anyone failed to do that which you wanted him to do. You will know how to get that which you want by first giving the same thing to some other member or group of members of the human race.

Furthermore, you will never again be guilty of putting into motion a cause which will bring suffering and sorrow and hunger and deprivation to any member of the human race, because you will know beforehand that this same result will eventually come back to curse you.

Source: Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rules. The Napoleon Hill Foundation. John Wiley & Sons. 2009. Pgs. 207-208.

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